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The 91 B-Line is a future bus rapid transit line in Metro Vancouver, Canada that was outlined in the 2005 Vancouver/UBC Transit Plan[1] for implementation in December 2009. It will replace the 43 Express Line that travels along 41st Avenue, a major east-west route, and connects the University of British Columbia (UBC) to Joyce Station on the SkyTrain system. The service also connects to the Canada Line at Oakridge – 41st Avenue Station.

Shortfalls in the 2010 TransLink budget meant a delay in the implementation of 91 B-Line, the 95 B-Line (replacing 135 Express service on Hastings Street), and other service expansions. Nevertheless the 43 Express service was included as a main transit connection in a plan released following the opening of the Canada Line, indicating the importance of the route within the Translink network.[2]

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