9500 Camelot

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9500 Camelot
Name Camelot
Designation 1281 T-2
Discoverers Cornelis Johannes van Houten, Ingrid van Houten-Groeneveld
Discovery date September 29, 1973
Orbital elements
Epoch October 27, 2007 (JDCT 2454400.5)
Eccentricity (e) 0.1669729
Semimajor axis (a) 2.5950666 AU
Perihelion (q) 2.1617608 AU
Aphelion (Q) 3.0283724 AU
Orbital period (P) 4.18 a
Inclination (i) 12.74113°
Longitude of the ascending node (Ω) 194.40326°
Argument of Perihelion (ω) 260.91617°
Mean anomaly (M) 344.89940°

9500 Camelot is a main belt asteroid with a perihelion of 2.1612262 AU. It has an eccentricity of 0.1669729 and an orbital period of 1526.9372730 days (4.18 years).[1]

Caesar has an average orbital speed of 18.49194786 km/s and an inclination of 12.74269°.

The asteroid was discovered on September 29, 1973 by Cornelis Johannes van Houten and Ingrid van Houten-Groeneveld.

This asteroid is named for Camelot, the location of King Arthur's knights.[1]


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