9934 Caccioppoli

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9934 Caccioppoli
Orbit of 9934 Caccioppoli (blue), planets (red) and the Sun (black). The outermost planet visible is Jupiter.
Discovery and designation
Discovered by Edward L. G. Bowell
Discovery date October 20, 1985
MPC designation 9934 Caccioppoli
Named after
Renato Caccioppoli
1985 UC, 1981 SK7, 1989 TG14
Orbital characteristics
Epoch October 27, 2007
Aphelion 3.1778324 AU
Perihelion 1.981331 AU
2.5795817 AU
Eccentricity 0.2319177
1513.2906644 d
Inclination 16.61789°
Physical characteristics
Dimensions ~19.5 km[1]
Surface temp. min mean max
C-type asteroid[2]

9934 Caccioppoli is a C-type main belt asteroid of the solar system. It orbits the Sun once every 4.14 years.[3]

Discovered on October 20, 1985 by Ted Bowell it was given the provisional designation "1985 UC". Later, it was renamed "Caccioppoli" in honour of Francis Caccioppoli, the director of the Naval Institute in Procida, and Renato Caccioppoli, an Italian mathematician, at the suggestion of Ettore Perozzi.[4]


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