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1996 Chevrolet Caprice 9C1
2001 Chevrolet Impala 9C1 used by a private security firm

9C1 is Chevrolet's Special Equipment Options (SEO) code for a police package vehicle. The 9C1 package has heavier-duty (HD) features over a non-police vehicle as well as some options specific to the installation of police equipment. The Chevrolet Nova, Malibu, Celebrity, Caprice, Impala, and Tahoe have all been available with Police Package options.


HD features include full perimeter steel frame (there is debate as to whether the 9C1 Caprice uses a thicker frame than the civilian car; GM replacement frame part numbers for the civilian auto and the 9C1 Caprice are the same); oversized front and rear sway bars; full-size spare tire (in the case of the 4th generation 1994-96 Caprice Classic police car); high-output alternator; lifetime-rated green silicone coolant hoses; four-wheel disc brakes; HD steel wheels and speed-rated tires; quick-ratio power steering and transmission and power steering oil coolers; certified digital speedometer; stiffer body mounts and more of them; true dual exhaust; anti-stab steel plates in the front seat backs; performance 3.08 final drive ratio (3.23 w/std. 200 hp/245 ft·lbf L99 V8 4.3 L (265 cid) SFI engine); and extra wiring for the emergency equipment.

Malibu 9C1[edit]

A 9C1-equipped Malibu with an LT-1 Z-28 Camaro engine driven by E. Pierce Marshall placed 13th of 47 in the 1979 Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash, better known as the Cannonball Run.[1]

Caprice 9C1[edit]

From 1994 to 1996, the 260 hp (190 kW) LT1 350 c.i. engine was a popular option on the 9C1 (the 4.3 V8 (RPO L99) being standard), and standard equipment on the Impala SS, Buick Roadmaster and the Cadillac Fleetwood. The 9C1 option, however was not offered on any of these three models.

The Caprice 9C1 returned in 2011 in the form of the 2011–present Caprice PPV (based on the Holden Caprice from the WM/WN Caprice range manufactured in Australia in left-hand drive). This vehicle is not offered for direct sale in the United States by General Motors except to Law Enforcement accounts. Some individuals have purchased these vehicles, however, as used cars by virtue of factory demonstrators being cycled out by GM, surplus unsold dealer inventory, and special one-time purchases (usually by fleet upfitters for equipment demonstration use).[2]

Holden Commodore 9C1[edit]

The 9C1 name was also offered with the Holden Commodore starting with the 1997-2002 Holden VT Commodore & ending with the 2004-2006 Holden VZ Commodore. The VZ Commodore 9C1 (or VZ Commodore Police Pack) was available to all police organisations in Australia, New Zealand and several in the Middle East . It was based on the Commodore Executive and added various specification upgrades to cater to the needs of police. Most 9C1s were delivered in white, but were also offered in other colours, normally used as unmarked vehicles.

Impala 9C1[edit]

The 9C1 was first introduced on the Impala in 1977 through 1985 when the rear wheel drive Impala was replaced by the Caprice in 1986. The modern day 9C1 police package has been offered with the 2000–2005 Impala & 2006-2013 Impala/2014-2016 Impala Limited (the 9C3 police package originally used with the Lumina is now a designation for detective-spec models).

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