9th Computer Olympiad

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The 9th Computer Olympiad took place in Ramat-Gan, Israel from July 3, 2004 to July 12, 2004. As with each year's Computer Olympiad, computer programs competed against each other at a variety of games, including Amazons, Chinese Chess, Go, Lines of Action, Hex and Octi.

The event was held in conjunction with the 12th World Computer Chess Championship and Computers and Games 2004 Conference. Because of this, no medals were awarded for the two chess events.

Dr. Jonathan Schaeffer and Dr. J.W.H.M. Uiterwijk were the Tournament Directors.

Medals Awarded[edit]

Amazons (2 participants)

  1. 8QP (J. de Koning) (NL)
  2. TAS (Y. Higashiuchi) (JAP)

Chinese Chess (2 participants)

  1. Contemplation (K-C Wu) (Taiwan)
  2. ELP (J-C. Chen) (Taiwan)

Go 19×19 (5 participants)

  1. Go Intellect (K-H. Chen) (USA)
  2. The Many Faces of Go (D. Fotland) (USA)
  3. Indigo (B. Bouzy) (FRA)

Go 9×9 (9 participants)

  1. Go Intellect (K-H. Chen) (USA)
  2. GnuGo (The Free Software Foundation) (The World)
  3. Magog (E. van der Werf) (NL)

Hex (2 participants)

  1. Six (G. Melis) (HUN)
  2. Mongoose (R. Hayward) (CAN)

Lines of Action (4 participants)

  1. MIA 4++ (M. Winands) (NL)
  2. BING (B. Helmstetter) (FRA)
  3. YL (Y. Björnsson) (Iceland)

Octi 6×7 (2 participants)

  1. Testme2 (J. Bacher) (CAN)
  2. Casbah (C. Sutton) (USA)

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