9th Intelligence Squadron

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9th Intelligence Squadron
9th Intelligence Squadron.PNG
9th Intelligence Squadron emblem
Active 1991-Present
Country United States
Branch United States Air Force
Type Intelligence
Role Combat Support
Part of AF ISR Agency/548 ISRG
Garrison/HQ Beale AFB, California
Decorations Outstanding Unit ribbon.svg AFOUA

The United States Air Force's 9th Intelligence Squadron (9 IS) is an intelligence unit located at Beale AFB, California. The 9 IS is associated with U-2 and Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) operations.


The 9 IS operates and maintains the $15M Deployable Shelterized System-Film (DSS-F), the Department of Defense's only mobile film processing capability, as part of the Air Force Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) architecture. The unit also processes, exploits, and disseminates broad area, high-resolution imagery collected by the U-2 to meet combatant commander requirements.

Previous designations[edit]

  • 9th Intelligence Squadron (9 January 2003 – Present)
  • 9th Intelligence Support Squadron (29 August 1991-8 January 2003)


Major Command/Field Operating Agency[edit]


Bases stationed[edit]


  • Air Force Outstanding Unit Award Outstanding Unit ribbon.svg[4]
    • 1 June 2009-1 December 2010
    • 1 June 2002-1 December 2003
    • 1 June 2000-31 May 2002
    • 1 June 1998-31 May 2000
    • 1 June 1996-31 May 1998
    • 1 July 1994-30 June 1995
    • 1 July 1993-30 June 1994
    • 1 September 1991-30 June 1993


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