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Jane Cobden

Jane Cobden (1851–1947) was a British Liberal politician and radical activist. An early proponent of women's rights, she was one of two women elected to the inaugural London County Council in 1889, although legal challenges prevented her from being a councillor. Throughout her life she sought to protect and develop the legacy of her father, the Victorian reformer Richard Cobden, in particular the causes of land reform, peace, social justice and women's suffrage. She was also a consistent advocate for Irish independence. In the 1890s she extended her interests to advancing the rights of the indigenous populations within colonial territories. She opposed the Boer War of 1899–1902, and after the establishment of the Union of South Africa in 1910 she attacked its segregationist policies. Before the First World War she spoke out against Joseph Chamberlain's tariff reform crusade on the grounds of her father's free trade principles, and was prominent in the Liberal Party's revival of the land reform issue. In 1928 she presented the old Cobden family residence, Dunford House, to the Cobden Memorial Association as a centre dedicated to the issues and causes that had defined "Cobdenism". (Full article...)

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HEALPix projection

The HEALPix projection is a family of map projections, the members of which are distinguished by their H and K parameters that describe the specific arrangement. The H=4, K=3 HEALPix projection, as shown here applied to Earth, maps the sphere to twelve square facets (diamonds) on the plane, then divides these facets into pixels. This projection is widely used in physical cosmology for maps of the cosmic microwave background.

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