A' (Afrirampo album)

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Studio album by Afrirampo
Released December 2004
Genre Experimental rock, psychedelic rock
Label Acid Mothers Temple
Producer Afrirampo

A' is an album by Osaka-based band Afrirampo, released in 2004 of Acid Mothers Temple's label, containing previously self-released tracks and alternate versions of tracks which originally appeared on the bands A release.[1] The tracks were produced by Kawabata Makoto and digitally remastered by Yoshida Tatsuya of Ruins.[2]

The album was released as an Enhanced CD containing a video of live performance clips and a band photo, and was limited to 1000 copies.[2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Afrirampo" (あふりらんぽのおとをきけ) 0:43
2. "Dodododo" (ドドドド) 3:28
3. "Oni Pika Heart" (オニピカハート) 2:11
4. "I Love You" (愛してる) 8:37
5. "I Can't Let You Go Home" (あかんここままかえさない) 2:47
6. "Father Mother" (父母) 1:14
7. "Afrirampo" (あふりらんぽ) 3:18
8. "女 (Kunoichi)" (雪景色) 16:14


  • Oni – vocal, guitar
  • Pikacyu – vocal, drums

Technical Personnel[edit]

  • produced by Afrirampo
  • executive produced by Kawabata Makoto


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