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For the fortress located in Malacca, see A Famosa.
A' Famosa Resort
AFR Resort Hotel.jpg
Resort Hotel
Location Malacca, Malaysia
Coordinates 02°24′18.19″N 102°13′13.84″E / 2.4050528°N 102.2205111°E / 2.4050528; 102.2205111Coordinates: 02°24′18.19″N 102°13′13.84″E / 2.4050528°N 102.2205111°E / 2.4050528; 102.2205111
Opened 1992 (1992)
Area 1,300 acres (530 ha)

A' Famosa Resort Malaysia is located in Malacca, Malaysia, near the Simpang Ampat exit on the North South Expressway.[1][2] It was named after the 16th century Portuguese fort of the same name which was once stood near the harbor of Malacca city.[citation needed] The logo of the resort also incorporates a stylized silhouette of the fort's gateway in the background.

A' Famosa is situated on 1,300 acres (530 ha), the bulk of which is a 27-hole golf course, a water theme park called Water World, a zoo called Animal World Safari, a Cowboy Town, a Resort Hotel, and several blocks of condotels and villas.

The 150-acre (61 ha) A’Famosa Animal World Safari is a wildlife safari that is home to more than 100 species of the animals, featuring a Walk-through Area, Chicken Farm, Monkey Island, and a truck drive through the Safari park itself. The park also hosts a number of animal shows, such as an "elephant show" and a "bird show".

The A’Famosa Water World covers an area of 20 acres (8.1 ha).

The 5-acre (2.0 ha) A’Famosa Cowboy Town features a various entertainment outlets, such as restaurants, a shopping village, etc. There is also a nightly carnival which consists of an animal musical parade, dancing and fireworks.

The accommodation available at A’Famosa Resort consists of a resort hotel with balconies. This facility offers self-contained studios, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units, and villas ranging from three to five bedrooms.


A' Famosa Resort courted controversy in 2010 when it was reportedly mistreating a tiger that was part of the animal show. A video posted on YouTube in February 2010 allegedly showed the tiger being sedated and handled roughly.[3] The video had been removed from YouTube since.

The resort courted another controversy in 2013 due to a series of disturbing visuals allegedly depicting the mistreatment and abuse of elephants in the resort. Investigation by Astro Awani, a news and current affairs channel in Malaysia, witnessed the beating of a female elephant by a man with a hooked, stick-like tool. The man was presumably a staff of the resort.[4]

There were a total of nine elephants in A' Famosa Resort. The investigation footage showed that the elephants were shackled on the leg (some on one leg, others two legs) with short chains, rendering them almost immobile.[5]


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