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Pater Noster Church in a-Tur

At-Tur (Arabic: الطور‎, lit. "The Mount" in Arabic) is an Arab majority neighborhood on the Mount of Olives approximately 1 km east of the Old City of Jerusalem. At-Tur is situated in East Jerusalem,[1] which was annexed by Israel after the Six-Day War in 1967.

In 1596, the village appeared as Tur Zayta in Ottoman tax registers as being in the Nahiya of Quds of the Liwa of Quds. It had a population of 48 Muslim households and 8 bachelors, and paid taxes on wheat, barley, vines or fruit trees, and goats or beehives.[2]

At-Tur has a population of 18,150, mostly Muslim Arabs with a small Christian minority. Landmarks in At-Tur include the Augusta Victoria Hospital, the Church and Convent of Pater Noster, where the Lord's Prayer is inscribed in 110 languages,[3][4] and the Seven Arches Hotel.[5]

Al-Makassed Hospital, a 250-bed medical facility with in-patient and out-patient services is located in At-Tur.[6]

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