A-series light bulb

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An A-series light bulb.

The A-series light bulb is the "classic" type of light bulb that has been the most commonly used type for general-purpose lighting applications since the early 20th century. It has a pear-like shape and an Edison screw base. The number that follows the "A" within the A series indicates the width of the bulb in one-eighth inch units.

The most commonly used A-series light bulb type is the A19 bulb, which is 2 38 inches (60 mm) wide at its widest point, approximately 4 38 inches (110 mm) in length, and has a one-inch wide (type E26, i.e. approximately 26 millimetres wide) Edison screw base.

Although most A-series bulbs have historically used incandescent lighting technology, some other technologies have been used in A-series bulbs more recently – such as LED lamps.