A-tom-ic Jones

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A-tom-ic Jones
Studio album by Tom Jones
Released 14 January 1966[1]
Label Decca Records
Producer Peter Sullivan
Tom Jones Decca Records chronology
Along Came Jones
A-tom-ic Jones
From the Heart

A-tom-ic Jones is an album released in 1966 by Tom Jones.

London Records (Parrot label) (USA, Canada) used many tracks from this album for their edition, and combined them with the title tracks of Thunderball and Promise Her Anything.

Track listing[edit]

Side 1
  1. "Dr. Love" (Lauber, Wyche)
  2. "Face of a Loser" (Reed, Conrad)
  3. "It's Been a Long Time Coming" (Radcliffe, Brooks)
  4. "In a Woman's Eyes" (Russell, Sharp)
  5. "More" (Oliviero, Newell, Ortolani)
  6. "I'll Never Let You Go" (Mills)
  7. "The Loser" (Losak, Vanselow)
Side 2
  1. "To Make a Big Man Cry" (Reed, Callander)
  2. "Key to My Heart" (Mills)
  3. "True Love Comes Only Once in a Lifetime" (Halley, Nader)
  4. "A Little You" (Mills)
  5. "You're So Good for Me" (Leoni, Conrad)
  6. "Where Do You Belong" (Mills)
  7. "These Things You Don't Forget" (McCoy)


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