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Origin Irving, Texas, United States
Genres Crossover thrash
Bandana thrash
Punk rock (early)
Skate punk (early)
Years active 1999–present
Website myspace.com/ans
Members Chris Wall, Andrew Messer, Mark Bronzino, Clint Bachle
Past members Travis Manko
Robbie Gilani
Borz Azarian
Danny Rabon
Nathan Valentine
Jimmy Byam
Joe Schuerger

ANS is an American crossover thrash band formed in 1999 out of Irving, Texas. Lead vocalist Chris Wall states that the acronym originated from the "radical-ANS" in Vans.[1] Acronyms for the band name changed over the years, and with each record release liner notes, including: Annihilate New School, Anti-New School, Armageddon Nuclear System, Aghast! Natas Symposium. While quintessentially a "Texas band" adamant of their roots in Texas DIY (Do It Yourself) hardcore, present members are spread across the U.S.A. in New Jersey, Texas, California, and Hawaii.



Formed in 1999 as Defaced by Chris Wall, who at the time was vocalist and rhythm guitarist. The band originated as a punk rock cover band for his high school's talent show with freshman classmates Travis Manko on lead guitar, Robbie Gilani on drums, and Borz Azarian on bass.[2] Covering bands such as Screeching Weasel and Pennywise and Black Flag, the group soon developed their own sound and original songs. They recorded their demo to cassette tape in 2000, which included their cover of Screeching Weasel's "My Right". A year later they recorded their politically charged first album "...And We'll Only Have Ourselves to Blame", which included 9 new songs, 6 live tracks, and re-recorded versions of their 3 song demo.[3]

Lineup change[edit]

In the summer of 2001, Borz left the band and classmate Danny Rabon joined the group playing bass. Soon after Robbie left the band and the group saw the addition of Nathan Valentine on bass and Danny moved to drums.[3] The band continued to grow in popularity and play shows while their sound began to evolve from their political roots to a more skate punk tone.

Success at Last[edit]

As the band developed national notoriety they soon learned, while in the middle of recording a new album, that in online sales their albums were being confused with the Swedish band the Defaced.[1] If they planned on recording more albums they would need to change their name. In 2003 they released their new album, Success at Last, along with their announcement to change their name to A.N.S.[4] Around this time they saw the addition of guitarist Jimmy Byam as Chris moved to focus solely on front man. Following the release of Romancing the Phone they were booked for a Japanese tour in March 2005.[5] They were well received in this foreign land which jump started what was soon to become a whirlwind of international success.


  • Chris Wall - Vocals
  • Andrew Messer - Bass
  • Mark Bronzino - Guitar
  • Clint Bachle - Drums

Former members[edit]

  • Joe Schuerger - Drums
  • Corey Duran - Guitar
  • Jimmy Byam - Guitar
  • Danny Rabon - Bass/Drums
  • Nathan Valentine - Bass
  • Evan Fuller - Drums
  • Robbie Gilani - Drums
  • Borz Azarian - Bass
  • Travis Manko - Guitar


Studio albums[edit]

  • Pressure Cracks (2009)
  • The Process of Stoking Out (2007)
  • The Pool (2004)
  • Success at Last (2003)
  • We'll Only Have Ourselves to Blame [recorded as Defaced] (2001)[3]
  • Defaced Demo [recorded as Defaced] (2000)[3]


  • "Ramming Speed split 12" (2011)
  • Pressure Cracks (2009)
  • The Pool LP [repress] (2008)
  • 4 Bands to Drain Your Pool [4 way split] (2006)[6]
  • Success at Last [PartyTime! repress] (2006) [7][8]


  • Carpenter Ant/A.N.S. [split] (2008)
  • A.N.S./Seasick [split] (2008)
  • A.N.S./Reproach [split] (2008)[6]
  • HEINOUS (2006)
  • A.N.S./My Revenge [split] (2006)
  • A.N.S./Deadpoint [split] (2006)[9]
  • Romancing the Phone (2005)


  • Agoraphobic Nosebleed split (2010)


  • Let Them Eat Wood (2008)
  • Success at Last [Defaced Discography/A.N.S debut] (2003)


  • A Product Of Six Cents II (2009)[6]
  • High Art For The Low Down (2008)
  • To Live A Lie Three Year Sampler (2008)[6]
  • Planet Of Friends (2007)
  • Skate Attack! - Vol. 1 (2006)[6]


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