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The history of U.S. Pergolettese 1932 officially started in 1932, following the bankrupt in 2012 of U.S. Pergocrema 1932, based in Crema, province of Cremona, Lombardy. It currently plays in Lega Pro Seconda Divisione.

From Pergolettese to Pergocrema[edit]

The origins of the football in Crema go back to 1932 when U.S. Pergolettese was founded in Pergoletto, a suburb of the town.

Former logo Pergocrema

In 1974 the club was renamed U.S. Pergocrema 1932.

In the Serie C2 2007-08 regular season the team finished first in Girone A, winning direct promotion to, the now called, Lega Pro Prima Divisione for the 2008–09 season. In that season Pergocrema obtain an historical 11th place, the best result of all times for the team.

In the 2009-10 Lega Pro Season, Pergocrema finished 15th and were forced to play in the relegation playoffs. They were matched up against 16th-placed Pro Patria, and survived by being the higher classified team after the 2-legged playout finished in a 3-3 aggregate tie.

The bankruptcy[edit]

On 20 June 2012 with the club in strong financial difficulty, Pergocrema was declared bankrupt by the court of Crema and the team was disbanded.[1]

The club generated paper-profit by selling Diego Manzoni for €500,000 in 2009 but directly in exchange for two players Francesco Pambianchi and Niccolò Galli for €250,000 each. In June 2011, one year before the bankruptcy, both players returned to Parma for €125,000 each but again in pure exchange deal, for Makris Petrozzi for €250,000.

From Pizzighettone to Pergolettese[edit]


Former logo Pizzighettone

The club was founded in 1919 as A.S. Pizzighettone, (based in the town of the same name in the Province of Cremona.) with the colors white and light blues and up to season 1995-94 took part just to regional amateur championships.

After a long history of amateur leagues for years, in 2003 the team was promoted to Serie C2 for the first time in their history, under their coach Roberto Venturato.

Having won promotion playoffs in 2005, Pizzighettone were promoted to Serie C1. It was relegated to Serie C2 in 2007 after play-out.

The following year it was relegated to Serie D, but it was readmitted in the new Lega Pro Seconda Divisione. In this season it was again relegated to Serie D.

Former players[edit]

Players with international caps
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At the end of the 2011-12 Serie D season, Pizzighettone[2] moved to city of Crema and changed its name to U.S. Pergolettese 1932 in order to continue the soccer history of U.S. Pergocrema 1932.[3]

In the 2012-13 season Pergolettese was promoted to 2013–14 Lega Pro Seconda Divisione.


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