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Arthur Berriedale Keith (5 April 1879, Aberdeen – 6 October 1944) was a Scottish constitutional lawyer, scholar of Sanskrit and Indologist. He became Regius Professor of Sanskrit and Lecturer in Constitutional History in the University of Edinburgh.


Constitutional law and history[edit]

  • The Theory of State Succession (1907)
  • Responsible Government in the Dominions
    • 1st edition, 1x vol. (1909)
    • "Revised" edition, 3x vols. (1912)
    • "Second" edition, 2x vols. (1928)
  • Imperial Unity and the Dominions (1916)
  • The Belgian Congo and the Berlin Act (1919)
  • The British Cabinet System
  • The Causes of the War
  • The Constitution of England from Queen Victoria to George VI
  • Dominion Home Rule in Practice (1921)
  • War Government of the British Dominions (1921)
  • The Sovereignty of the British Dominions (1929)
  • Speeches and Documents on Colonial Policy 1763–1917
  • Speeches and Documents on the British Dominions 1918–1931
  • The Constitutional Law of the British Dominions (1933)
  • The Governments of the British Empire (1935)
  • The King and the Imperial Crown (1936)
  • A Constitutional History of India (1600–1935), Methuen and Co. Ltd, London (1936)
  • The Privileges and Rights of the Crown
  • The Dominions as Sovereign States

Indian culture and literature[edit]

  • Indian Mythology (1917)
  • The Religion and Philosophy of the Veda and Upanishads (1925)
  • The Samkhya System: A History of the Samkhya Philosophy (1918)
  • Buddhist Philosophy in India
  • A History of Sanskrit Literature (1920)


  • The Aitareya Aranyaka (1909)
  • The Veda of the Black Yajus School (Taittiriya Sanhita)
  • Rigveda Brahmanas: the Aitareya and Kausitaki Brahmanas of the Rigveda (1920)