A. F. Theriault Shipyard

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A. F. Theriault & Son Ltd.
Industry Shipbuilding and Repair
Founded 1938
Founder Augustin Theriault
Headquarters Meteghan River, Canada
Services Vessel Construction and Repair
Revenue $1,000,000 to $4,999,999[1]
Number of employees
seasonal 100–150
Website www.aftheriaultboatyard.com

A. F. Theriault & Son Ltd is a shipyard located in Meteghan River, Digby County, Nova Scotia, Canada.


The shipyard has operated for over 75 years. The shipyard is privately owned, and was founded by Augustin Theriault in 1938.[2]

The shipyard has built over 650 boats and ships to date, including yachts,[3] car ferries,[4] pilot boats,[5] fishing boats[6] and target drones.[7] The shipyard began building small boats, mainly for fishing but evolved to build large boats and small ships and diversified from fishing boats to yachts, rescue vessels, ferries and industrial vessels. It has five marine slipways for repair of boats.

Past projects include the Boston fireboat American United, built in 2011. A current series of vessels are Hammerhead Target Drones, remote controlled high-speed drones used to train naval units in five countries. Theriault's has made over 250 of the drones which are designed by Meggitt Training Systems.[8]


The workforce is seasonal, and can range from 100 to 150 employees based on the demand. The core competency of the employees is ship construction and repair, and includes welding, painting, plumbing and electrical skillsets. Most employees are from the local area.


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