A. V. M. Rajan

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A.V.M.Rajan (Tamil: ஏ. வி. எம். ராஜன்) is a Tamil film actor of the 60s and 70s.

He acted in the movie produced by AVM Productions called Nanum Oru Pen.a film that starred S.S.Rajendran in the lead role. Hence he became 'A.V.M'.Rajan.

In the same picture Tamil actress Pushpalatha was acting and it was then that they became lovers and got married too. They subsequently acted as pairs in many films.

A.V.M.Rajan and his wife Pushpalatha acted together in dramas like Karppooram.

Rajan later became a Christian Preacher and after that he stopped acting in movies and dramas.[1][2]