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Arthur W. Pryor (born 1928) is an Australian physicist known for his contributions to neutron diffraction[1][2] and infrared laser isotope separation.[3][4][5] Pryor is also co-author of the book Thermal Vibrations in Crystallography.[6]

Pryor provides one of the very few historical accounts of laser isotope separation efforts in Australia (during the early 1980s) that included, both, visible and infrared laser sources (relevant to AVLIS and MLIS, respectively).[5] In this regard, he refers to the reluctance of the authorities to adopt laser isotope separation in Australia, with the sentence "... the cautious hand refrained."[5][7]

Pryor is the author of various broadcast recordings on philosophical aspects of science and physics which were broadcast in 2SER-FM in the 1980-1983 period.[8][9][10][11]

Pryor spent most of his career at Lucas Heights (as a scientist in the former Australian Atomic Energy Commission) and was a faculty visiting fellow at Macquarie University where he lectured on atomic physics.[7] He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Physics.


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