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A1068 road shield

A1068 road
Major junctions
North end: Alnwick
55°24′31″N 1°41′38″W / 55.4086°N 1.6940°W / 55.4086; -1.6940 (A1068 road (northern end))
  A1 A1 road
A189 A189 road
A197 A197 road
A196 A196 road
A193 A193 road
A192 A192 road
A1172 A1172 road
A19 A19 road
South end: Seaton Burn
55°03′56″N 1°37′57″W / 55.0656°N 1.6326°W / 55.0656; -1.6326 (A1068 road (southern end))
Road network

The A1068 is a road in northern England that runs from Seaton Burn in North Tyneside to Alnwick in Northumberland.


The A1068 begins at a roundabout with the A19 road at Seaton Burn. It has a brief dual carriageway section before crossing from the county of Tyne and Wear into Northumberland. It is dual carriageway standard again past Nelson Village, and joins the route of the A192 road for about 1 mile (1.6 km). It continues through the town of Bedlington where it meets the A193 road and beyond the town it has a junction with the A196 road (to Morpeth). It joins the route of the A197 road for about 1 mile (1.6 km) close to the town of Ashington. It re-emerges and heads in a north-easterly direction until it reaches the roundabout with the A189 road. From its junction with the A189 the A1068 gains primary status and heads roughly north. It passes the coastal town of Amble and the villages of Warkworth and Alnmouth, crossing the River Aln at Lesbury before reaching the town of Alnwick. The road terminates at its junction with the A1.

Coordinates: 55°14′03″N 1°35′29″W / 55.2342°N 1.5914°W / 55.2342; -1.5914 (A1068 road)