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A1136 road shield

A1136 road
Route information
Length: 4 mi (6 km)
Road network

The A1136 is a short but major secondary route in North East Lincolnshire. It runs in a South Eastly direction from Healing to Grimsby Town centre. It is 4 miles (6 km).


A180-Healing (0.7 miles)[edit]

The A1136 starts at Great Coates Interchange with the A180 road with a 'Double roundabout interchange'. Then it travels 0.7 mile to a roundabout with the B1210 road.

Healing-Little Coates (1.3 miles)[edit]

The road heads striaight on toward Great Coastes passing through two mini roundabouts. Then heads towards Little Coates.

Little Coates (2 miles)[edit]

The roads goes through the roundabout and continues heading towards Grimsby (Freshney Place to be exact). At the next roundabout the road falks right then half a mile later it turns left. The road snakes its final 3/4 mile towards Grimsby town centre. The route ends at traffic lights with the A16 road

Major junctions[edit]

Road File Description
A180 road A180 A180 road Start of road with Great Coates Interchange
B1210 road - -
B1444 road - -
A1243 road A1243 A1243 road -
A16 road A16 A16 road End of route with the road