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A12 motorway shield

A12 motorway
Autocesta A12
Podravski ipsilon
Map key - green in use Map key - red under construction Map key - violet planned
Map key - blue other motorways
Route information
Length: 23 km (14 mi)
planned 86 km (53 mi)
Major junctions
From: A4 in Sveta Helena interchange
  D41 near Vrbovec
D26 near Vrbovec
To: D28 near Vrbovec
Counties: Zagreb County
Major cities: Vrbovec
Highway system
Motorways in Croatia

The A12 motorway (Croatian: Autocesta A12) is a partially built motorway in central Croatia, northeast from Zagreb, extending towards the city of Vrbovec. It is currently executed as a 23 km (14 mi) long expressway between the A4 motorway Sveta Helena interchange south and east of Vrbovec. It was planned to be upgraded to a full motorway and extended northward to Križevci, Koprivnica and Gola border crossing[1] to Hungary.[2][3] The A12 motorway represents the western arm of the so-called Podravina Y, as the eastern arm is planned to be the A13 motorway. The latter was planned to branch off from the A12 at the Vrbovec 2 interchange, which is largely completed, although it may not be used by motorists driving on the A12 as that exit is blocked.[4]

The motorway was criticised by media as an election campaign stunt. After suffering three years of construction works delays caused by complete absence of funding, Hrvatske autoceste announced cancellation of the motorway construction in May 2012.


See also: D10 (Croatia)

As of September 2013, the A12 motorway is physically signposted as the D10 state road, as the designation was moved from a route running through Vrbovec to the newly completed four lane expressway, in keeping with practice maintained by Hrvatske ceste, operator of the entire D10 at the time. Since its completion, the route has been detailed by legislation as the A12 motorway, while Hrvatske ceste and Hrvatske autoceste, operator of most of the motorways in Croatia signed an agreement transferring the expressway to the latter for maintenance and further development.[3] Applicable legislation requires renaming of the route to B12.[2][5] Strict speaking, legislation regulating classification of motorways and state roads[6] define the A12 motorway and the D10 state road as concurrent roads.

Planned construction[edit]

The A12 motorway was scheduled to be extended towards Koprivnica and Gola border crossing to Hungary, while the existing 23 km (14 mi) long section was planned to be widened to include emergency lanes thus upgrading it to motorway standards. The next section scheduled to be completed was 20-kilometre (12 mi) section between Gradec interchange (inclusive) and Kloštar Vojakovački, where the motorway would default to the D41 state road. Four motorway exits were planned on that section: Gradec to the D28 state road towards Bjelovar and Vrbovec (eastern approach), Križevci to the D22 state road and Križevci, and Lemeš to a business park near Križevci.[7] The works related to the section were officially announced in 2009,[8] however no substantial works were carried out for more than a year. In May 2010, the construction works were announced once again and scheduled to start by autumn of 2010.[9] At the time, the motorway was expected to be completed before 2013.[10]

Further works were also planned, however no start of construction was ever scheduled. The subsequent A12 sections were planned to bypass Koprivnica to the east of the city and reach Gola border crossing[1] to Hungary. Those sections are not described by publications in such great detail as the previous one, although Sokolovac motorway exit is defined by means of its chainage and slip road. Also a motorway exit north of Koprivnica is mentioned by Hrvatske autoceste and Croatian Motorway Concessionaires Association publications.[3][7]

Criticism and cancellation[edit]

The A12 had been formally announced in May 2009, but actual project planning, issuing of permits and construction works were delayed and postponed to an undetermined date, drawing criticism of the project as a pre-election stunt for the local elections of 2009.[11][12][13] On 2 May 2012, management of Hrvatske autoceste announced cancellation of construction of the motorway, pending approval of its supervisory board. The company reported that funding was never secured for construction of the route, while declining to comment on possible payment of damages to contractors.[14] By May 2012, Strabag, an A12 contractor, demanded 30 million kuna (c. 4 million euro) in damages because of delay of construction, but the request was declined by Hrvatske autoceste citing failure of Strabag to fulfill its contractual obligations.[15][16] On 20 June 2012, the Government of Croatia cancelled construction of the motorway.[17]

Traffic volume[edit]

Traffic is regularly counted and reported by Hrvatske ceste, former operator of the expressway.[18] The publication represents the data as information pertaining to Vrbovec bypass on the D28 state road.

A12/D28 traffic volume details
Road Counting site AADT ASDT Notes
Autocesta A12.svg A12 2030 Vrbovec bypass 7,008 7,272 Between the D41 (Vrbovec 1 IC) and Ž3079 (Prilesje IC) junctions.

Exit list[edit]

County km Exit Name[5] Destination[6] Notes
Zagreb County 0.0 1 Sveta Helena A4
Connection to Zagreb and Varaždin (via the A4 and to Rakovec, Sveta Helena and Donja Zelina (D3) (via the Ž3016).
The southern terminus of the expressway.
8.0 2 Vrbovec 1 D41
Connection to Vrbovec (via Luka), Križevci and Koprivnica (via the (D41) and to Dugo Selo (via the Ž3034.
Zeichen 314.svg Luka rest area
3 Prilesje Ž3079 Connection to Vrbovec via Savska Cesta.
4 Dubrava D26
Connection to Vrbovec (via the Ž3288) and to Čazma and Garešnica via the (D26).
5 Vrbovec 2 D12 The interchange is completed but the exit shall remain unused until the westernmost section of the D12 is completed.
23.0 - Cugovec D28
Connection to Vrbovec via the Ž3052 and to Bjelovar via the D28 state road.
Currently the northern terminus of the expressway. The level intersection shall be replaced by Gradec interchange.
23.0 6 Gradec D28
Connection to Vrbovec via the Ž3052 and to Bjelovar via the D28 state road.
Planned interchange, designed to replace Cugovec intersection.
Koprivnica‑Križevci 7 Križevci D22 Connection to Križevci.
8 Lemeš - Connection to Lemeš business zone north of Križevci.
52.9 9 Sokolovac Ž2181 Connection to the D41 state road south of Koprivnica.
The northernmost extent of the route designed in detail.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi
  •       Closed/former
  •       Unopened

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