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A153 road shield

A153 road
Major junctions
From: Louth
  A16 A16 road
A158 A158 road
A155 A155 road
A17 A17 road
A15 A15 road
A607 A607 road
To: Honington
Road network
The A153 crosses the River Witham at Tattershall bridge.
The 1969 bridge in the foreground, the older brick one behind

The A153 is a non-primary A road that is located entirely in Lincolnshire in the east of England.

The A153 starts at the T-junction with the A607 at Honington (52°58′24″N 0°36′06″W / 52.9734°N 0.6016°W / 52.9734; -0.6016 (A153 road (southern end))) and heads east to Sleaford, then heads north on the A15 and then west on the A17 around the Sleaford bypass. Before the bypasses were built, the road went through Sleaford; this route is now the B1517. The A153 then heads north through the town of Horncastle and terminates at the A16 Louth bypass (53°21′09″N 0°01′18″W / 53.3526°N 0.0217°W / 53.3526; -0.0217 (A153 road (northern end))).

Coordinates: 53°10′25″N 0°07′59″W / 53.1735°N 0.1331°W / 53.1735; -0.1331 (A153 road)