A19 road (Tanzania)

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The A19 road

The A19 is an important road of southern Tanzania. It connects Mbamba Bay on Lake Malawi in the west with Mtwara on the Indian Ocean coast.[1] En route it passes through some major towns including Songea. Its western point is located near 11°17′42″S 34°48′7″E / 11.29500°S 34.80194°E / -11.29500; 34.80194 and its eastern point is located near 10°17′40″S 40°10′43″E / 10.29444°S 40.17861°E / -10.29444; 40.17861. At Masasi the B5 road forks off towards the northeast. At Mtwara the road runs past Mtwara before finally ending where it joins the B2 road.[citation needed]


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