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A1 marker

Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipėda Highway
Route information
Part of Tabliczka E28.svg Tabliczka E67.svg Tabliczka E85.svg
Length: 311.40 km (193.49 mi)
Existed: 1987 – present
Major junctions
West end: Vilnius

Tabliczka A4.svg Tabliczka A16.svg A4 and A16 in Vilnius
Tabliczka A6.svg A6 in Kaunas
Tabliczka A5.svg A5 in Kaunas
Tabliczka A8.svg A8 near Sitkūnai
Tabliczka A12.svg A12 near Kryžkalnis

Tabliczka A13.svg A13 near Klaipėda
East end: Klaipėda
Major cities: Grigiškės, Vievis, Elektrėnai, Kaišiadorys, Kaunas, Raseiniai, Klaipėda
Highway system
Lithuanian road system
International E-road network
Highway A1 near Kaunas

The A1 highway is a highway in Lithuania. It connects the capital city of Vilnius with the port city of Klaipėda, via the second largest city, Kaunas. Its length is over 300 kilometres (190 mi), making it the longest highway in Lithuania.

The A1 highway has four lanes (two lanes each way) separated by grass line and safety rails. Most of the section from Kaunas to Klaipėda has motorway status with 130 km/h speed limit during summer and 110 km/h during winter. The section from Kaunas to Vilnius has expressway status with 110 km/h speed limit during summer and 100 km/h during winter.

Its European route code is E85 and for a short while E67 (near Kaunas).

The Vilnius–Kaunas highway was completed in 1970 and Kaunas–Klaipėda was completed in 1987.[1] It replaced the first 40 kilometers of the Samogitian Highway stretching from Kaunas.

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