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For the Wikipedia A3 criterion for speedy deletion, see Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion#A3.

A3, A03 or A.III may refer to:

  • A3 paper, a paper size defined by ISO 216






Weapons and military[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • A3, an example of a root system with numerous physical and geometrical applications
  • A-3 visa, a document given to employees of A-1 and A-2 Visa Holders who are representing a foreign government inside the U.S.
  • A3, the code for permission to use specific land or premises for restaurants and cafés in town and country planning in the United Kingdom
  • A3 roads, in several countries
  • A-003, the fourth abort test of the Apollo spacecraft
  • Biu-Mandara A.3 languages, an Afro-Asiatic family of languages spoken in Cameroon and Nigeria
  • Cowon A3, an audio media player
  • Aegean Airlines, by IATA code
  • Tonga, by aircraft registration code
  • ARITH-MATIC, as the former name for this programming language
  • "Agora! Anarchy! Action!", a slogan for Agorism taken from the New Libertarian Manifesto by Samuel Edward Konkin III
  • A3, a structured problem solving and continuous improvement approach, first employed at Toyota, and typically used by lean manufacturing practitioners

See also[edit]

  • A-Train III, a 1992 computer game
  • M16A3, a variant of the American M16 rifle
  • M60A3, a variant of the American M60 Patton tank
  • A3J, the original designation of the US Navy's A-5 Vigilante bomber