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A3, A03, A-3, A.3, A.III or A 3 may refer to:

In business[edit]

  • A3 paper, a paper size defined by ISO 216 (297 × 420 mm)
  • A structured problem solving and continuous improvement approach,[1] first employed at Toyota, and typically used by Lean practitioners.

In biology[edit]

In games[edit]

In mathematics[edit]

  • A3 is an example of a root system with numerous physical and geometrical applications

In roads[edit]

In sports[edit]

  • A3 Champions Cup, a club football tournament also known as the East Asian Champions Cup
  • Arrows A3, a 1980 racing car
  • a Grade (climbing), to a route that concisely describes the difficulty and danger of climbing the route. Different aspects of climbing each have their own grading system, and many different nationalities developed their own, distinctive grading systems

In vehicles[edit]

In weapons or military[edit]

In music[edit]

  • a musical note, the A below Middle C
  • Alabama 3, a band known as A3 in the U.S. to avoid confusion with the country group Alabama
  • A-3, a Yamaha combo organ
  • Alkaline Trio, a rock band

In government[edit]

  • A-3 visa, a document given to employees of A-1 and A-2 Visa Holders who are representing a foreign government inside the United States of America
  • In town and country planning in the United Kingdom, A3 is the code for permission to use specific land or premises for restaurants and cafés



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