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The A4074 is a British A road from Caversham, Reading (51°28′02″N 0°58′36″W / 51.4673°N 0.9767°W / 51.4673; -0.9767 (A4074 road (southern end))), to Heyford Hill on the Oxford Ring Road (51°43′17″N 1°14′03″W / 51.7214°N 1.2343°W / 51.7214; -1.2343 (A4074 road (northern end))). It takes a direct line across the Chiltern Hills to Benson, bypassing Crowmarsh Gifford. It then passes through Shillingford, bypasses Dorchester and passes through Nuneham Courtenay.

The road was designated in the 1980s[citation needed], when the B479 between Caversham and Crowmarsh Gifford was renumbered. In 1990[citation needed] the A423 from Crowmarsh to Heyford Hill was renumbered the A4074, and the road became the primary route between Reading and Oxford in place of the A329 along the River Thames. The short stretch of the Oxford Ring Road between Heyford Hill and the Hinksey Hill interchange was not renumbered A4074, and remains an isolated fragment of the A423.

The poor safety record of a particular stretch of this road, roughly between Mapledurham and Woodcote, is highlighted in its local nickname, The 13 Bends of Death. Its accident rate of 53 per 100 million vehicle kilometres is nearly 70% higher than average for roads of its type.[1]

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Coordinates: 51°36′21″N 1°06′22″W / 51.6057°N 1.1061°W / 51.6057; -1.1061