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A5120 road shield

A5120 road
Route information
Length: 10 mi (20 km)
Major junctions
North end: Ampthill
52°01′00″N 0°30′05″W / 52.0166°N 0.5013°W / 52.0166; -0.5013 (A5120 road (northern end))
  A507 A507 road
[ M 1  ] M1 motorway
A5 A5 road
A505 A505 road
South end: Dunstable
51°53′39″N 0°31′56″W / 51.8942°N 0.5322°W / 51.8942; -0.5322 (A5120 road (southern end))
Flitwick, Toddington
Road network

The A5120 is an A-class road in Bedfordshire, linking the conjoined towns of Ampthill and Flitwick to Dunstable and, via the M1 motorway, Luton and London. It connects with the M1 at junction 12, being the sole road at this junction, in close proximity to the Toddington services. On its route from Ampthill to Dunstable, the A5120 serves Westoning, Harlington, Toddington and Tebworth. Unusually for an A-road, it does not meet another A-road at any point between its start on the A507 and its end on the A5. This would change if the A505 Dunstable North Bypass were to be built, however.

When the A5120 meets the A5 in Dunstable, the latter is multiplexed with the A505 road. The road passes through the Houghton Regis area of Dunstable as it approaches the town from the north. The road actually continues past the A5, without its A5120 number, as an unclassified road, into the Beecroft industrial estate, where it meets the B489 road from Ivinghoe.

Coordinates: 51°57′42″N 0°30′46″W / 51.9616°N 0.5129°W / 51.9616; -0.5129 (A5120 road)