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A565 road shield

A565 road
Major junctions
From: Liverpool
53°24′29″N 2°59′33″W / 53.4080°N 2.9926°W / 53.4080; -2.9926 (A565 road (southern end))
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A5056 A5056 road
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A5057 A5057 road
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To: Tarleton
53°40′24″N 2°49′53″W / 53.6734°N 2.8315°W / 53.6734; -2.8315 (A565 road (northern end))
Road network

The A565 is a road in England that runs from Liverpool in Merseyside to Tarleton in Lancashire. It is a primary route linking the town of Southport to Liverpool and to Preston (via the connecting A59).

Coordinates: 53°34′47″N 3°02′58″W / 53.5797°N 3.0494°W / 53.5797; -3.0494 (A565 road)