A67 motorway (Netherlands)

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Location of the A67 motorway.
The A67 near Venlo.

The A67 motorway is a motorway in the Netherlands. It is located in the Dutch provinces of North Brabant and Limburg.


The road is approximately 75 kilometer in length. The A67 motorway connects the Belgian border (A21/E34 road) near Hapert with Eindhoven and the German border (A40 road) near Venlo. Along the entire stretch of the motorway, the European route E34 travels along the A67. Besides, the section near Eindhoven, between interchanges De Hogt and Leenderheide, is shared with the A2 motorway and European route E25.

In the past, traffic from the Eindhoven area towards the German Autobahn A61 had to take exit 41, and then travel along local roads for approximately 7 kilometers before they reached the border and the start of the German A61. Since 4 April 2012, a connection between the Dutch A73 and the German A61 is in operation (the A74), which gives drivers the possibility to travel between the Dutch A67 and the German A61 without having to leave the motorway.

Exit list[edit]

Province Municipality Km. # Name Roads Notes
BAB-Grenze.svg Border with Belgium; this road continues as the Belgian A21.
North Brabant Bladel 5 AB-AS.svg 29 Hapert N284
Eersel 10 AB-AS.svg 30 Eersel N397
Veldhoven 15 AB-AS.svg 31 Veldhoven-West Planned
Eindhoven 19 AB-Kreuz-blau.svg Interchange De Hogt A2
20 AB-AS.svg 32a High Tech Campus Eindhoven
22 AB-AS.svg 33 Waalre N69
23 AB-Kreuz-blau.svg Interchange Leenderheide A2
Geldrop-Mierlo 28 AB-AS.svg 34 Geldrop
Someren 37 AB-AS.svg 35 Someren N266
Asten 42 AB-AS.svg 36 Asten N279
Deurne 50 AB-AS.svg 37 Liessel
Limburg Helden 58 AB-AS.svg 38 Helden N277
Venlo 65 AB-AS.svg 39 Venlo 8000-9900 N556
69 AB-Kreuz-blau.svg Interchange Zaarderheiken A73
Arcen en Velden 72 AB-AS.svg 40 Velden N271
Venlo 74 AB-AS.svg 41 Venlo
BAB-Grenze.svg Border with Germany; this road continues as the German A40.

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