A76 motorway (Netherlands)

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Location of the A76 motorway.

The A76 motorway is a motorway in the Netherlands. It is located entirely in the Dutch province of Limburg.


The road is 27 kilometer in length. The A76 motorway connects the Belgian border (A2/E314 road) near Stein with Geleen, Heerlen and the German border (A4 road) near Simpelveld. Along the entire stretch of the motorway, the European route E314 travels along the A76.

The A76 features a number of incomplete connections and interchanges. At interchange Ten Esschen, only traffic to and from the western part of the A76 can reach the connecting N281 road. Exit 6, located approximately a kilometer east, covers traffic from the eastern part of the A76 towards the N281, but not the other way around.

It is mostly two lanes each way. Between Kunderberg and Simpelveld eastbound there is a climbing lane.

Exit list[edit]

Province Municipality Km. # Name Roads Notes
BAB-Grenze.svg Border with Belgium; this road continues as the Belgian A2.
Limburg Stein 1 AB-AS.svg 1 Stein Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
8 AB-Kreuz-blau.svg Interchange Kerensheide A2
Sittard-Geleen 5 AB-AS.svg 2 Geleen
Beek 7 AB-AS.svg 3 Spaubeek No westbound entrance
Schinnen 10 AB-AS.svg 4 Schinnen
Nuth 12 AB-AS.svg 5 Nuth N298
Voerendaal 15 AB-Kreuz-blau.svg Interchange Ten Esschen N281 Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
16 AB-AS.svg 6 Voerendaal to N281 Westbound exit
Heerlen 19 AB-Kreuz-blau.svg Interchange Kunderberg A79
Simpelveld 25 AB-AS.svg 7 Simpelveld N281
27 AB-AS.svg - Bocholtz Westbound exit; partially on German soil
BAB-Grenze.svg Border with Germany; this road continues as the German A4.

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