AACTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role

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The Australian Film Institute Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role is an award in the annual Australian Film Institute Awards. It has been awarded annually since 1974.

Previous winners[edit]


Year Actor Film
2011 (1st) Hugo Weaving Oranges and Sunshine
2011 (1st) John Gaden The Eye of the Storm
2011 (1st) Sam Neill The Hunter
2011 (1st) Robert Rabiah Face to Face
2012 (2nd) Antony Starr Wish You Were Here
2012 (2nd) Ryan Corr Not Suitable for Children
2012 (2nd) Liev Schreiber Mental
2012 (2nd) Gary Waddell The King is Dead!
2013 (3rd) Joel Edgerton The Great Gatsby
2013 (3rd) Marton Csokas Dead Europe
2013 (3rd) Suthep Po-ngam The Rocket
2013 (3rd) Angus Sampson 100 Bloody Acres
2014 (4th) Yılmaz Erdoğan The Water Diviner
2014 (4th) Patrick Brammall The Little Death
2014 (4th) Robert Pattinson The Rover
2014 (4th) TJ Power The Little Death