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Not to be confused with MAACO (also founded by Anthony A. Martino), AMMCO or Amoco.
AAMCO Transmissions
Founded 1963
Founder(s) Robert Morgan
Anthony A. Martino
Headquarters 201 Gibraltar Road
Horsham, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Products Transmissions, Car Care
Revenue 250 million
Owner(s) American Capital
Website www.aamco.com
AAMCO shop, Ypsilanti, MI

AAMCO is an American transmission-repair franchise founded by Robert Morgan[1] and Anthony A. Martino (who used the first letter of each name to form the names AAMCO and later MAACO) during 1963 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Martino eventually ended his affiliation to manage the MAACO autobody-shop franchise, but Morgan stayed on with his son, Keith Morgan, succeeding him as CEO.

On March 8, 2006, American Capital (owner of competitor Cottman Transmission) purchased AAMCO Transmissions.[2]

The first AAMCO franchise opened during September 1963 in Newark, New Jersey. With the direction of Robert Morgan, the business has expanded to franchises across North America.[3] Today, AAMCO is the world’s largest franchise system of transmission specialists. AAMCO has about 850 franchises open in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

In popular culture[edit]

AAMCO is also known for its distinctive television and radio commercials, which end with a voice saying "AAMCO, double-A [car horn beeps twice] M-C-O."

An AAMCO radio commercial was the topic of an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry David, unfamiliar with the commercials, mistook the car horn for a real driver honking at him. The ensuing conflict and his coincidental relationship with an AAMCO franchise owner became the plot for the episode.

The song "Jessica" has recently been used as background music during the commercial.


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