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AArrow Sign Spinning
Industry Advertising
Founded 2002
Area served
USA, Canada, South Korea, Puerto Rico, France, Australia, Republic of Croatia, Mexico, Poland
Key people
Max Durovic, CEO
Mike Kenny, COO
Joe Ambert, VP of Sales
Services Sign spinning, guerrilla marketing
Website www.aarrowads.com

AArrow Sign Spinning is a promotional company specializing in attracting attention by performing tricks with advertising signs (e.g. spinning, tossing and catching). It was founded in 2002 by a group of friends from Ocean Beach, California, USA. AArrow employs more than 1000 youth between the ages of 16 and 24 across the world. The company trains all spinners and claims a repertoire of over 300 tricks[citation needed].


AArrow Sign Spinners are trained to capture attention using dance, energy, and hundreds of tricks; some of which include spinning, kicking and tossing six-foot custom made signs. Each spinner is required to complete AArrow Boot Camp.

AArrow’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies to celebrities, openings, events and sports and entertainment industries. Some of the most frequent users of AArrow Sign Spinners are retail stores, websites, food chains, apartments and home builders and developers.

AArrow corporate is located in San Diego, CA with offices and operations in over 40 domestic cities, and four countries.

AArrow Sign Spinning's first franchise opened in February 2009, with Robert Graham purchasing the rights to the Phoenix area. Other entrepreneurs began to realize the benefits of running an AArrow Advertising business and within a month franchises were open in Phoenix, Miami Beach, Northern Virginia, Baltimore, Virginia Beach, Orlando, Little Rock and San Antonio.

In the spring of 2008, AArrow Sign Spinning began campaigns in France, Holland, England and Spain. AArrow Advertising operates in Canada, South Korea and Puerto Rico as well.

AArrow Sign Spinning has been featured on NBC’s Today Show,[1] ABC World News,[2] CNBC’s The BIG IDEA with Donny Deutsch, Ellen DeGeneres, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Fox and Friends, Los Angeles Times,[3] Washington Post,[4] Kiplinger Report,[5] Korea’s POP Sign Magazine [6] and a list of others. AArrow CEO Max Durovic was nominated by Business Week [7] as one of the top 25 young entrepreneurs in 2007.


Sign Spinning is also a sport. Spinners compete in regional and the World Sign Spinning Championships that takes place annually.

AArrow timeline[edit]


AArrow made a television appearance on Golden Sisters, a new show on OWN. One of the ladies took a lesson and gave sign spinning a try. Robert "Bobby" Graham,an AArrow Franchisee, was a contestant on the 2013 Bachelorette. AArrow's Justin Brown appeared to help professional skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek with his Lunchables Challenge Upload Promo.


The first AArrow Sign Spinner was introduced in South America. The Annual World Sign Spinning Championships was held with fifty-five international participants. All-Star Sign Spinner Jeremy White makes a guest appearance on the hit TV Show "The Office" in a spin-off with Jim Halpert. AArrow was also on the hit FOX show, Raising Hope. Patrick, an AArrow Sign Spinner received the part of Lee Majors body double.


AArrow received recognition in an article in Entrepreneur Magazine[8] as one of the 15 most brilliant marketing ideas of 2010.


AArrow Advertising Hollywood was hired by MTV News to promote the 2010 MTV Video Awards, AArrow Sign Spinning Ford Commercial airs during American Idol, AArrow Advertising opens two new locations, Boston and Macon, Georgia, AArrow Advertising was recognized at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Business Summit as the top small business in the West, AArrow Advertising opens two new locations in the Midwest, AArrow Inc. selected as Western Regional Finalist for U.S. Chamber of Commerce Dream Big Award, AArrow Advertising opens franchises in Atlanta, Charlotte and Tri-Cities, Tennessee, AArrow Sign Spinners take center court at L.A. D-Fenders game, Ray Riviera wins 2010 AArow Sign Spinning Championships, AArrow Advertising franchisee Robert Graham wins the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Annual Impact Awards, AArrow Sign Spinning was introduced in Malaysia and Australia.


AArrow Advertising opens franchises in Northern Virginia, South Beach and Baltimore, Justin Brown and Ray Rivera filmed a commercial targeted to inform local media of a large-scale marketing event that Coca-Cola put on: The FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour, AArrow Sign Spinners take over Times Square for H&R Block Ad Campaign, AArrow Advertising opens Phoenix franchise, AArrow spins for Snoop Dogg and Playboy on the red carpet, Teddy Hale wins 2009 AArrow Sign Spinning Championship, AArrow Advertising Opens Franchises in Virginia Beach, Orlando and Little Rock, AArrow promoted Dell’s Alienware Experience Launch Party, AArrow Advertising Makes Annual Inc. 500/5000 List, AArrow Advertising wins Chamber of Commerce Award three years in a row, AArrow Sign Spinner Justin Brown appears on America’s Got Talent,


Sign Spinners are on an episode of ABC’s Carpoolers and appear in Korea’s POP Sign Magazine,[6] paving the way for AArrow’s international franchise opportunities, AArrow Director of Marketing, Justin Brown, can be seen spinning on the big screens in Times Square every thirty minutes. AArrow has teamed up with CNBC’s Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge,[9] AArrow Director of Marketing Justin Brown spun at the Tickled Pink event in NYC, AArrow wins Most Outstanding Community Involvement award at the SBA Awards, AArrow Sign Spinning debuts in Seoul, South Korea, AArrow is Nominated for Most Outstanding Corporation by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, AArrow Spinners make an appearance in the Ting Ting's new music video, 'That's Not My Name', AArrow spins for Volkswagen Campaign in Amsterdam.


AArrow is highlighted on the front page of the Los Angeles Times,[3] AArrow wins the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Small Business Award for Most Innovative Product or Service,[10] AArrow makes nationally televised appearances on ABC World News,[2] NBC’s Today Show,[1] Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Fox and Friends, AArrow opens its New York office, AArrow is recognized for its support and involvement with the Los Angeles Mayor’s Youth Initiative Program: Hire LA’s Youth.[11] AArrow was the top employer and created jobs for more than 35 youth in Los Angeles in 2007, AArrow spinners make a guest appearance on the TV show ‘What’s My Line: Live on Stage’. AArrow lands a deal with Bud Light to spin outside of Seattle Seahawks home games. AArrow spins for 50 Cent’s new album “Curtis” at the Video Music Awards [12] in Las Vegas, a Jimmy Kimmel appearance in Los Angeles and in front of TRL in New York City, AArrow Owner Max Durovic is invited by advertising guru Donny Deutsch to be a guest on his hit TV show, The BIG IDEA on CNBC, AArrow CEO Max Durovic and COO Mike Kenny are recognized by Business Week [7] amongst the top 25 best young entrepreneurs in 2007, AArrow is featured in the Style section of The Washington Post.[4] The first ever AArrow Olympics [13] is held in San Diego, with Sign Spinner Dijon Rice taking home the freestyle gold, AArrow partners with the Susan G. Komen Foundation to raise money for breast cancer research. In San Diego, AArrow strategically placed two Sign Spinners at the registration booth and the finish line of the race to direct traffic, raise awareness and entertain the crowd. AArrow continues to work with the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in San Diego, New York City and Washington, D.C.[citation needed].


AArrow expands to Phoenix, Arizona, AArrow spins for Snoop Dogg (Geffen Records) at the BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta.[14]


AArrow Advertising becomes a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) and creates its first corporate team in San Diego, AArrow boot camp is featured on CBS Channel 8 [15] in San Diego, AArrow expands to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, The First Annual AArrow Sign Spinner convention is held in Las Vegas with more than 30 Sign Spinners in attendance.


The first sign spins in London, England.[citation needed], AArrow expands to North Carolina.


AArrow is featured on the front page of The San Diego Union Tribune


AArrow Advertising was founded by sign spinners in 2002, when a group of friends from Ocean Beach, California discovered you could do tricks with a sign, the Healthy Back Store begins using AArrow Sign Spinners at four locations in San Diego and an additional two locations in Maryland, prompting the start of the AArrow D.C. office, AArrow Sign Spinners begin offering sign spinning services to the San Diego Blood Bank, making volunteer opportunities an important part of operations

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