ABB Industrigymnasium

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ABB Industrigymnasium
ABB Industrigymnasium
3rd graders abb industrigymnasium 2005.jpg
Västerås, Västmanland, Sweden
Coordinates Ludvika:
60°08′27.6″N 15°10′37.2″E / 60.141000°N 15.177000°E / 60.141000; 15.177000
59°38′16.8″N 16°35′09.6″E / 59.638000°N 16.586000°E / 59.638000; 16.586000
School type Upper secondary education
Opened 1994
Chairperson Erik Ödmansson, C.E.O. of Ödmansson Consulting
Rector Sven Krispinsson
Head of school Hans Jacobsson
Grades 10-12
School colour(s) Orange, black, white

ABB Industrigymnasium is the name of three schools in Västerås, Sala and Ludvika, Sweden, secondary schools with a focus on engineering, information technology and enterprising. The Västerås branch was started in 1994 by the industrial corporation ABB, which were merged in 1987 from the Swiss Brown Boveri Corporation and the Swedish ASEA, which is headquartered in Västerås. The Ludvika school was founded by ABB in 1995.

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