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Launched 2 May 2011
Network ABC Television
Owned by Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Picture format PAL (576i) 16:9
Audience share In Metropolitan areas: 1.3% (November 2009, [1])
Country Australia
Language English
Broadcast area Nationally
Formerly called ABC For Kids on 2 (2009–2011)
Sister channel(s) ABC
ABC News 24
ABN Sydney (DVB-T) 546/674 @ LCN 22 (226.5 MHz)[2]
ABV Melbourne (DVB-T) 562 @ 12 (226.5 MHz)
ABQ Brisbane (DVB-T) 578 @ 12 (226.5 MHz)
ABS Adelaide (DVB-T) 594 @ 12 (226.5 MHz)
ABW Perth/Mandurah (DVB-T) 738 @ 12 (226.5 MHz)
ABT Hobart (DVB-T) 626 @ 8 (191.5 MHz)
ABD Darwin (DVB-T) 642 @ 30 (543.5 MHz)
Freeview ABC (virtual) 22
Foxtel/Austar (virtual) 126
VAST (virtual) 22
Foxtel/Austar/Optus (virtual) 126
TransACT (virtual) 22

ABC 4 Kids is an Australian Broadcasting Corporation part-time channel broadcasting shows for pre-school age children between the hours of 6am and 7pm in each local Australian market. Outside of those hours the frequency is known as the ABC2 channel and it supplements the flagship ABC1 channel with extra adult-oriented programming.

Launched on 2 May 2011, it is the responsibility of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's television division, and is available nationally to digital television viewers in Australia. It broadcast from 5am to 7pm each day sharing the same bandwidth with ABC2 (broadcast after 7pm).


It was originally named ABC Kids until 2005, on ABC TV ABC for Kids was launched, with times 8:00am to 11:00am and 2:55pm to 4:00pm. From 4 December 2009 (the same day when 6 to 14-year olds' channel ABC3 was launched), a new preschool children's block, ABC For Kids on 2 was launched on ABC2, featuring children's programming everyday until 7pm. Some ABC2 programmes had to be cancelled or relocated to other channels, such as Rage, which is now seen exclusively on ABC TV. The block was extended to start as a new channel sharing the same bandwidth of ABC2 at 6am and end at 7pm and rebranded as ABC 4 Kids on 2 May 2011.[3]


The weekend children's schedule is the same as weekdays, except for the following:.

  • Play School – Airs every day Only & Monday-Friday Afternoon Only, with Los So Fresh airing in this time slot on weekends.

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