ABC 1600

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ABC 1600
Type Personal computer
Release date 1985
Operating system ABCenix
CPU Motorola 68008 8 MHz
Memory 1 MByte (16&bsp;B ROM)
Graphics Graphics 1024×768 1-bpp; Text (videotex) portrait – 73×80, character 7×9; Landscape – 25×80, character 9×13
Sound Beep
Connectivity RS 232C, keyboard, external hard drive (floppy drive), monitor, printer, 4 expansion slots, TV
Predecessor ABC 800

ABC 1600 was a personal computer from Luxor that was introduced in 1985. The model was built around the Motorola 68008 processor, had 1 megabyte of memory and used the operating system ABCenix, a Unix-like system developed from DNIX.[citation needed]

ABC 1600 used monochrome graphics with the display resolution of 1024×768 and the screen could be turned 90° while in use depending on whether the user desired to work in standing (portrait) or horizontal (landscape) format. The hard disk could store 13 MB and the 5.25-inch floppy disk drive stored 640 KB.

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