ABC Warehouse

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ABC Warehouse
Type private
Industry Retail
Founded 1963
Founder(s) Gordon Hartunian

Michigan, Ohio, Indiana

Pontiac, Michigan, U.S.
Number of locations ABC Warehouse 43, Mickey Shore 16, Hawthorne 2
Products Consumer electronics, home appliance
Divisions Mickey Shorr

ABC Warehouse is a chain of retail appliance and electronics stores based in Pontiac, Michigan. It was founded in 1963 by Gordon Hartunian, and operates 43 stores in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. The chain also operates 16 Mickey Shorr Mobile Electronics stores [1] and 2 Hawthorne Home Appliances & Electronics stores. They are known for their advertising motto "The Closest Thing To Wholesale". In the last few years ABC has added mattresses and furniture to their retail offerings, including products from Sealy & Lane.

In 2009, General Electric signed a financial contract with the chain to provide the in house ABC credit card .[2]


In the 1980s, ABC Warehouse used Ernest P. Worrell in its television advertising.[3] But in the 1990s, ABC commercials featured "The ABC Warehouse Employees Choir" who sung their own songs like "Price Protection" (sung to the tune of Alouette),[4] and from the late 90s to the late 2000s, ABC featured their founder Gordon "Gordy" Hartunian in a series of ads called "Gordyisms".[5]


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