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The ABIM Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation established by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) in 1999. Their mission is to ‘engage in an ongoing dialogue about medical professionalism by sharing tools and resources with others who are working to build an equitable, affordable and high quality health care system.’[1]

The ABIM Foundation's work focuses on four main activities: exploring what it means for physicians to be professionals in the 21st century; stimulating physicians to become involved in quality assessment and improvement; bringing diverse groups of leaders together to enable dialogue and consensus; and promoting research of quality evaluation and improvement.

Led by a board of 13 trustees,[2] the members include national leaders in quality assessment and improvement and medical education, as well as consumer advocates, policy makers, purchasers and physician leaders.

ABIM Foundation project initiatives include the Choosing Wisely[3] educational campaign and The Physician Charter, a document authored in partnership with the American College of Physicians and the European Federation of Internal Medicine.[4]


Richard J. Baron, MD. - President and Chief Executive Officer,[2] Daniel B.Wolfson - Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Lorie Slass - Senior Vice President, Communications, Leslie Tucker - Vice President, Policy, John Held - Director, Communications, Timothy J. Lynch, JD - Director, Foundation Programs[5]

Grants and Prizes Awarded by ABIM Foundation[edit]

Choosing Wisely Grants The ABIM Foundation awarded funding for 21 projects to be conducted by state medical societies, specialty societies and regional health collaboratives to help physicians and patients engage in conversations aimed at reducing unnecessary tests and procedures. Support for the grant program comes from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).[6] Grantees include regional collaboratives such as HealthInsight Utah and specialty and state medical societies such as the American College of Physicians.

Professionalism Article Prize The ABIM Foundation awards the Professionalism Article Prize to articles that have helped advance professionalism principles as articulated in the Physician Charter.[7] The prize is awarded yearly, beginning in 2011. Articles are rated on clarity of writing, thoroughness, methodology and contributions to the field and society.[8]

Putting the Charter Into Practice Grant The Putting the Charter into Practice grant provides financial support to professional medical organizations, health systems/hospitals, academic medical centers and medical practices as they work to advance medical professionalism. The ABIM Foundation has partnered with the Council of Medical Specialty Societies to advance this initiative. The goal of the grant is to facilitate the development of innovative, emerging strategies to advance appropriate health care decision-making and stewardship of health care resources.[9]


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