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ACTIVE - sobriety, friendship and peace
Founded 1990
Area served Europe
Formerly called EGTYF

ACTIVE - sobriety, friendship and peace (formerly EGTYF, European Good Templar Youth Federation) is a non-governmental umbrella organisation gathering European youth temperance organisations. ACTIVE is member of the Youth Forum Jeunesse and cooperates with IOGT International.

The main aim of Active is peace and tolerance in the world. Active considers alcohol and other drugs one of the main reasons for violence and conflicts in today's world and therefore members of Active promote a drug-free lifestyle by their own abstinence—to prove that having fun, making friends, and being free is possible without getting addicted and without any risk of hurting somebody or being hurt.

Active provides the space for self-realisation, for making new contacts, for exchange projects, education and for being active on political level in order to make a difference. Active is a support for each national organisation in reaching the main common goal—peace and human dignity.


Political work on local, national and European level, training courses and social activities are the main activities of ACTIVE. It builds on international meetings, study sessions and workshops in order to foster intercultural learning and mutual understanding as well as to educate its members in terms of democracy, human rights or alcohol and other drugs. ACTIVE recognizes that mutual understanding creates the foundation of equality and peace.

A summer camp takes place in one of the member organizations' country every summer, the congress every other summer. Every year a winter camp is organized by either Juvente Switzerland or Juvente Germany.

Where and when'

  • Congress 2014: Wild'14, Switzerland, Tschierv
    • Summer camp 2013: Heartbeat Bosnia and Hercegovina, Vlašić
  • Congress 2012: Icebreaker, Iceland, Úlfljótsvatn
    • Summer camp 2011: Route, Latvia, Rīga
  • Congress 2010: Experience 2010, Norway, Fredrikstad
    • Summer camp 2009: Albania, Vlorë
  • Congress 2008: Summer camp 2008, Sweden, Ransberg
    • Summer camp 2007: Wild Space, Bulgaria, Semkovo
  • Congress 2006: Jump, Switzerland, Basel-Münchenstein
    • Summer camp 2005: Nemo, Germany, Altthymen
  • Congress 2004: Cassiopeia, Slovak Republic, Bystra
    • Summer camp 2003: Merkurijs, Lithuania
  • Extraordinary Congress 2002: England, Eastbourne
  • Congress 2002: Mosquito, Norway, Botnhamn
    • Summer camp 2001: Estonia, Ahijärve
  • Congress 2000: The Camp, Switzerland, Fiesch
    • Summer camp 1999: Slovakia, High Tatra
  • Congress 1998: Sweden, Östersund
    • Summer camp 1997: Latvia
  • Congress 1996: Faroe Islands, Tórshavn
  • Congress 1994: Germany, Berlin
  • Congress 1992: Finland, Turku
  • Founding Congress 1990: Danmark, Copenhagen

Member organisations[edit]

Today Active consists of 31 organisation from 24 different countries.

ACTIVE Board 2014-2016[edit]

[dated info]

  • President: Jessica Stridh
  • Vice President: Kujtime Barushi
  • Treasurer: Sanja Stojanovska
  • Secretary: Svetlana Amberga
  • Board member: Samson Rentsch
  • Board member: Kristina Avdonina
  • Board member: Anna Arvidsson
  • Board member: Lukasz Dylla
  • Board member: Alexandra Meier


In 1962 the International Good Templar Youth Federation (IGTYF) was founded. In 1990 IGTYF and IOGT merged to one organization: IOGT International. The European member organizations of IGTYF create EGTYF (European Good Templar Youth Federation). At the congress 2006 in Basel, Switzerland, "EGTYF" changed its name into Active - sobriety, friendship and peace.

Former boards ACTIVE Board 2010-2012

  • President: Simon Olsson,
  • Vice President: Davis Toliasvili
  • Treasurer: Karolina Plišo
  • Secretary: Sigrid Steinsland
  • Board member: Einar Einarsson
  • Board member: Katharina Balmes
  • Board member: Henri Reha
  • Board member: Melina Krilašević
  • Board member: Max Vollmer

ACTIVE Board 2010-2012

  • President: Andrea Lavesson, UNF Sweden
  • Vice President: Madlena Tsvetkova,
  • Treasurer: Vasilka Lalveska
  • Secretary: Stian Seland, Juvente Norway
  • Board member: Ida Bernas, UNF Finland
  • Board member: Volodymyr Kreydenko
  • Board member: Azalea Vilic
  • Board member: Johan Persson, NSF Sweden
  • Board member: Max Vollmer, Juvente Germany

ACTIVE Board 2008-2010

  • President: Linn Landmark IOGT Junior Norway
  • Vice President: Kristiina Leepa, Juvente Estonia
  • Treasurer: Madlena Tzvetkova, Free Youth Bulgaria
  • Secretary: Maja Stojanovska
  • Board member: Glevin Derviski
  • Board member: Gabriella Franzén, UNF Sweden
  • Board member: Emilia Sandgren, NSF Sweden
  • Board member: Matus Kovacik
  • Board member: Olaf Jobmann, Juvente Germany

ACTIVE Board 2006-2008

  • President: Linn Landmark IOGT Junior Norway
  • Vice President: Emil Österlund, UNF Sweden
  • Treasurer: Kadri Vanem, Juvente Germany
  • Secretary: Madlena Tzvetkova, Free Youth Bulgaria
  • Board member: Hege Sørvig, Juvente Norway
  • Board member: Jan Jobmann, Juvente Germany
  • Board member: Ljupco Jovanovski, REACT Macedonia
  • Board member: Minja Nuspahic, LINK Bosnia and Herezegovina
  • Board member: Kristiina Leepa, Juvente Estonia

EGTYF board 2004-2006

  • President: Hege Sørvig, Juvente Norway
  • Vice President: Jan Jobmann, Juvente Germany
  • Treasurer: Kadri Vanem, Juvente Estonia
  • Secretary: Josy Häusermann, Juvente Switzerland
  • Board member: Hanna Rönnmark, UNF Sweden
  • Board member: Caroline Spångberg, NSF Sweden
  • Board member: Andrii Tvardiievych, Better Ukraine
  • Board member: Pål Jostein Didriksen, IOGT Junior Norway
  • Board member: Aira Taparauskaite, Baltu Ainai Lithuainia

EGTYF board 2002-2004

  • President: Åsa Hagelstedt, UNF Sweden
  • Vice President: Pål Jostein Didriksen, IOGT Junior Norway
  • Treasurer: Beata Dubenova, NOM Slovakia
  • Secretary: Elke Richter, Juvente Germany
  • Board member: Fabiano Deana, GGPF Italy
  • Board member: Aira Taparauskaite, Baltu Ainai Lithuainia
  • Board member: Ghanna Dovbak, Better Ukraine
  • Board member: Johan, UNF Sweden
  • Board member: Nils Johan Svalastog Garnes, Juvente Norway (2002 only)
  • Editor: Ermanno Passalenti, GGPF Italy

ACTIVE/ EGTYF Presidents

  • 2012-2014: Simon Olsson, UNF, Sweden
  • 2010-2012: Andrea Lavesson, UNF, Sweden
  • 2006-2010: Linn Landmark, IOGT Junior, Norway
  • 2004-2006: Hege Sørvig, Juvente, Norway
  • 1998-2004: Åsa Hagelstedt, UNF, Sweden
  • 1996-1998: Alex Klee, Juvente, Switzerland
  • 1994-1996: Jørgen Kaurin Fossum, Juvente, Norway
  • 1990-1994: Birgitta Eriksson, UNF, Sweden

EGTYF Office Managers today-1992:

  • Maja Stojanovska (based in Stockholm S)
  • Kristina Sperkova (based in Örebro/Stockholm S)
  • Fredrik Persson (based in Örebro/S)
  • Jørgen Kaurin Fossum, Jørund Skurdal, Helge Stahl, Geir Nybraaten, Sten Magne Berglund (all based in Oslo/N)

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