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Triglia Rafinas
Full name Athlitikos Omilos Triglia Rafinas
(Triglia Rafinas A.C.)
Nickname(s) Ta barbounia (The Barbounas)
Oi Kitrinomavroi (The Blacks and yellows)
Founded 1932
Ground Rafina's Local stadium
Athens, Greece
Ground Capacity 1000
Owner Giorgios Chacholakis
President Greece Giorgios Chacholakis
Manager Greece Stathis Aslanoglou
League Football League 2
2012–13 Greek Delta Ethiki Delta Ethniki, 6th
Website Club home page
Current season

Triglia Rafinas (Greek: Τριγλία Ραφήνας) is an amateur football club located in Rafina, Attica, Greece. It was founded in 1932 by the union of many unofficial amateur clubs. The first symbol of the team was the barbouna (Trigli). Its colors are black and yellow, which are the colors of the Byzantine Flag. Today, the club keeps its colors, but the symbol was changed to a two headed eagle, the Byzantine symbol.

Foundation and first years[edit]

The founders of the team were Anastasios Lyrantzis, Stellios Tseropoulos, Dimitrios, Rigas and Vasillis Voudouris, they caught the idea of the union of many local, unofficial athletic clubs like Vyzantio and Propontida, which were founded by teenagers or children. The founders of Triglia, delegated a lawyer to write the statue for the foundation of one team with the name"Athletic Football Union Triglia Rafinas (Greek: Αθλητική Ποδοσφαιρική Ένωσις Τριγλία Ραφήνας). Its first colors, were black and white and first symbol the red mullet (Trigli). Later, the symbol changed to a two – headed eagle, the Byzantine symbol.[1] The first management board, was constitute by: Anastasios Lyrantzis (president), Kyriakos Drakoulis (vice president), Stellios Tseropoulos (secretary), Vasilis Voudouris (general leader) and Dimitrios and Rigas (efors).

In 1934 founded the Union of Football Clubs in Athens (Ε.Π.Σ.Α), and Triglia Rafinas was one of its founding members.

The "black page" of 1935–36[edit]

Between 1935 and 1936, Triglia stopped working, because of leadership's crisis and lack of the field. At this time, many people exploited it and created a new team with the name "Panrafinaikos", which never had statue and fans, that's why it was dissolved soon.

In 1936, Triglia was reorganized, but, at the place where was the old field, icing was built. That's why, they took the decision to move it to its present location. But, this place, was foul of sand and other types of corrosion. Because of that, the fans of Triglia often till the place using their horses and plows, trying to make it straight. After 1957, a fence was built around the field.

During the German – Italian possession[edit]

At the time of the German and Italian possession in Greece, sports events were limited. However, some young people, who have played for Triglia, asked the Italian commander, to allow them to set up a football team, to play some friendly matches against the teams of occupation forces. The commander agreed, but he raised one limitation, "In your office, you will talk only about sports", he said.

But, people of Triglia, have been ignoring this command for two years. In team's office, were hiding and metting memberes of the National Liberation Front (Greek: Εθνικό Απελευθερωτικό Μέτωπο).

The team operated in this way until 1944, when the occupation forces left Greece.

During the years after the war-the first titles.[edit]

The years which followed the Second World War, people who didn't see eye to eye with the name "Triglia", tried to create other teams to replace Triglia Rafinas, such as Mikrasiatiki and Panrafinaikos. Likely for Triglia, these teams never had fans and they were dissolved.

At this period, team's name was changed to Athletic Club Triglia Rafinas.

Triglia Rafinas takes up in E.P.S.A's championships and cups, with many successes. Specifically, the first title which won Triglia, was the championship of Gama E.P.S.A. (1964) and promoted to Beta E.P.S.A., which won in 1965, winning the promotion to Alpha E.P.S.A.. Four years later, they won the promotion to National Categories, winning the championship of Alpha E.P.S.A.. However, dictatorship has relegated the team to Gama E.P.S.A. But, the team from Rafina returned to Beta E.P.S.A., by winning the championship of Gama E.P.S.A. in 1969, in 1971 they won the championship of Beta E.P.S.A.and in 1972, in Alpha E.P.S.A., they were beaten by Liosia, losing the promotion to Beta Ethniki.

In 1988, AC Triglia Rafinas became the champion of Alpha E.P.S.A., for the second time in its history, in the same year, they lost against Pefki, in the final of E.P.S.A cup, by score 5–3 (penalty), at the Apostolos Nikolaidis Stadium.

From 1988 to 1989, Triglia took part in the championship of Delta Ethniki .

1988–2010-The great promoting to Delta Ethniki[edit]

In evolution of E.P.S.A, E.P.S.AN.A, Triglia, under the coaching of Stathis Aslanoglou, who became Triglia's coach in 2007, takes part in the final of E.P.S.AN.A cup, in 2009, in Spata's Stadium, where the lost on penalties by Pampaianikos, with score 1–1 (regular time) and 4–2 (penalties), winning the second place.

The next year, they became the champions of Alpha E.P.S.AN.A, promoting to Delta Ethniki. The same year 2010, Triglia won the qualify for the cup final, in Pallinis's stadium, losing with score 1–2, by Oropos, ranking the second place for the second time.

Since 2011[edit]

In the 2010–2011 season, AC Triglia Rafinas ranked the second place among the teams of 9th Group of Delta Ethniki, behinid Proodeftiki.[2] Also in the 2011–2012 season, Triglia won its stay to the category, by winning the historical Ethnikos Piraeus F.C., in the last match of the tournament. The remarkable thing is that, this defeat, meant the demotion of Ethnikos to the local championships for the first time. Also, cases of violence happened after the end of the match, by 100 Ethnikos' fans.[3]

In 2012 and 2013, they promoted to the new amateur category, Football League 2, which was merged with Delta Ethniki, and became amateur. Triglia confirm their promotion, by beating Keratsini with score 4–0, at the last but one match of the 9th group.[4]

Current Squad[5][edit]


Name Age Name Age
GreeceChristos Kyrkos 27 GreeceGiorgios Filippopoulos 19
GreeceAnastasios Goutsias 17 GreeceKonstantinos Garozis 23


Name Age Name Age
GreeceDimitrios Bliablias 23 GreeceKonstantinos Alevizos 19
GreeceAnastasios Korakas 25 GreeceVaggelis Zanakis 23
GreeceAgelos Kontarinis 19 GreeceStergios Felegakis 24
GreeceAlexandros Kontarinis 20 GreeceIoannis Stabelos 21
GreeceAthanasios Papadopoulos 17 GreeceStellios Gikas 19
GreeceGiorgios Xydis 21 GreeceFaidon Drekos 19


Name Age Name Age
GreeceDimitris Skafidas 26 GreeceMichalis Stroboulos 29
GreeceTony Chotzai 26 AlbaniaGreeceOsli Ramo 22
GreeceEvagelos Tsepas 26 GreeceThanasis Agelopoulos 18
GreeceIoannis Tsagaris 18


Name Age Name Age
GreeceChristos Moullakis (C) 27 AlbaniaGreeceMailvin Zekio 21
GreeceVasilis Chatzakis 32 GreeceVasilis Mantzis 21
GreeceMichalis Mantzoros 21 GreeceZoupa Chatzi 18

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