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ADAM SX Series

ADAM (Advanced Dynamic Audio Monitors) Audio was founded in March 1999 in Berlin, Germany by the physicist Klaus Heinz and the electronic engineer Dipl.-Ing. Roland Stenz (today´s owner of the loudspeaker manufacturer EVE Audio GmbH Since then the company has been developing, manufacturing and distributing loudspeakers in the field of Professional Audio.

The development of the ART (Accelerating Ribbon Technology) tweeter by Klaus Heinz based on the 1960s invention of the Air Motion Transformer by Oskar Heil was largely responsible for the company’s founding. Producing sound not with a piston-like diaphragm as is done in most of the loudspeakers that are on the market, but using a pleated diaphragm that is capable of moving the air 4 times faster than the folds themselves are moving was the appealing idea behind it all. The achieved results were intriguing and gave ample reason for moving forward.

One step forward was achieved with the use of modern materials like rare-earth magnets and high-strength diaphragm foils that made new driver geometry possible.

After ten years of being on the market, the original ART driver construction had been re-engineered from scratch and became known as X-ART (eXtended Accelerating Ribbon Technology[1]). Based on the ART technology, these new X-ART tweeters and midrange speakers are characterized by an extended frequency range and higher efficiency compared to their predecessors. In order to realize the full bandwidth of the X-ART tweeter of up to 50 kHz, ADAM has developed their own A/B amplifier with a bandwidth of up to 300 kHz which has brought significant improvements to sound reproduction.

Based on its experience in the studio monitor market, ADAM Audio started to enter the HIFI market a couple of years ago.

ADAM Audio has 70 employees at the Berlin factory and is represented worldwide through a network of distributors and dealers in more than 75 countries. ADAM has local branches in the USA (NYC), the United Kingdom (London) and China (Beijing).

Current Product Line[edit]

Professional Studio Monitors[edit]

• F-Series

• A-Series

• AX-Series

• SX-Series

• S7A Mk2

• Studio Subwoofers (Sub7, Sub 8, Sub10 Mk2, Sub12, Sub15, Sub2100)

Home Audio Loudspeakers[edit]

• Classic Mk3 Series

• Tensor Mk2 Series

Multimedia Loudspeakers[edit]

• ARTist Series

Installation Loudspeakers[edit]

• GTC Series


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