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Also known as Kerry Livgren/AD
Genres Christian rock
Years active 1983 (1983) - 1988 (1988)
Labels Sparrow, CBS Associated, Kerygma, Numavox
Associated acts Kansas, Proto-Kaw, Kerry Livgren
Past members Kerry Livgren
Dave Hope
Michael Gleason
Dennis Holt
Warren Ham

AD was a 1980s Christian rock band, featuring former Kansas members Kerry Livgren[1] and Dave Hope, former Bloodrock member Warren Ham, who had toured as a sideman with Kansas in 1982, Michael Gleason, and Dennis Holt.


Throughout the 1970s and into the early 1980s, Kerry Livgren had been guitarist, keyboardist, and principal composer for the successful rock band, Kansas. During his tenure with the group, he had explored numerous eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. These themes often appeared in the lyrics to songs on the early Kansas records such as Kansas, Song for America, and Masque.

Livgren's conversion to Christianity in 1979, followed by that of bassist Dave Hope in 1980, and the change of lyrical direction due to their conversions created a rift in the band. The Christian lyrics of songs written by Livgren to be recorded for Vinyl Confessions turned out to be the last straw for Kansas's original lead singer Steve Walsh, who left to form the band Streets in 1981.

After numerous auditions, John Elefante was hired as Walsh's replacement, but hopefuls Warren Ham and Michael Gleason left an impression on Livgren, who was in the process of writing material for a second solo album for CBS Records. Instead of using different musicians for each song as he had done on his 1980 solo album Seeds of Change, he would put together a single group consisting of himself, Dave Hope, Warren Ham, Michael Gleason, and Dennis Holt.

During Kansas’s time with John Elefante as lead vocalist, Livgren became increasingly uncomfortable with Kansas representing his Christian worldview. After a final New Year’s Eve performance on December 31, 1983, Livgren and Hope left Kansas.

A New Band[edit]

In 1983, after Livgren's departure from Kansas, he recorded his second self-produced album for CBS, Time Line, with himself on guitar and keyboard, Dave Hope on bass, Warren Ham on saxophone, flute, harmonica, and vocals, Michael Gleason on vocals, and Dennis Holt on drums. By the end of the recording sessions, the session musicians had jelled, and Livgren decided to name the group AD.

During sessions for the album, it became apparent that the players shared many interests, not the least of which was their Christian faith. After years of feeling isolated and artistically stifled in Kansas, Livgren found working with fellow Christians refreshing.

Time Line was released in 1984 and credited to Kerry Livgren/AD. It received virtually no promotion from CBS Records who probably saw the side project as a threat to the continued success of Kansas. Due to legal entanglements caused by his contractual obligations with Kansas, Livgren was unable to market AD in the mainstream secular market. After negotiating with the record label, he received a waiver to perform with AD in the Christian rock market. Unfortunately, this would become a hindrance to commercial viability for the band. It had never been Livgren's intention to start a "Christian rock band" but it appeared to be the only path available.

AD toured extensively between 1983 and 1986, sometimes playing bars and clubs one night and then churches the next. Livgren has stated on several occasions that he experienced some of the highest and lowest points in his career during his time with AD. Livgren mentions in his book Seeds of Change: The Spiritual Quest of Kerry Livgren that his time playing live with AD was his best as a guitarist.

Art of the State was released in the spring of 1985 on Kerry Livgren's own Christian label Kerygma Records (distributed by Sparrow Records) and was the first album credited to the band name AD. The group began touring, but were quickly discouraged by a lack of professionalism in the Christian venues. After the tour, Warren Ham left the band, and the remaining four members decided to produce one more album before ending AD. Michael Gleason was left to handle the lead vocals alone on the next album, appropriately titled Reconstructions. Due to financial difficulties, AD faded away in 1986 after its release, even though no official breakup was announced.

One Last Album[edit]

Although they had been unofficially disbanded for three years, Kerry Livgren and Warren Ham put together one more album to pay off band bills, with the band name reverting to Kerry Livgren/AD. Released in 1988, Prime Mover was a collection of previously unreleased AD songs. Livgren played all instruments, and all vocals were performed by Ham.

In the late 1990s Livgren re-released Art of the State on his new independent record label, Numavox Records. Partially re-recorded versions of Reconstructions and Prime Mover were released.

In 1997, Livgren rediscovered recordings of two AD performances from 1984 and 1985 that had been recorded by the soundboard engineer during the Art of the State tour.. Though the recordings had not been made for release, Livgren remastered them and released them as a “thank you” to fans on a CD-R title called AD Live. The performances include mistakes and technical problems left intact and is meant as an archival release.


  • Time Line (1984, credited to Kerry Livgren/AD)
  • Art of the State (1985, credited to AD)
  • Reconstructions (1987, credited to AD)
  • Prime Mover (1988, credited to Kerry Livgren/AD)
  • Reconstructions Reconstructed (1997, credited to Kerry Livgren/AD)
  • Prime Mover II (1998, credited to Kerry Livgren)

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