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Ad is a common English word, short for advertisement.

AD (Anno Domini) is a designation used to label years following 1 BC in the Julian and Gregorian calendars.

AD, A.D. or Ad may also refer to:


Film and television[edit]


Job titles[edit]

  • Art director, the administrator in charge of art and design for a magazine or newspaper
  • Assistant director, a film crew member who manages various tasks
  • Athletic director, the administrator of an athletics program, usually at an educational institution



  • Accidental discharge, the mistaken firing of a firearm
  • Active duty, a status of full duty or service, usually referencing full service in the armed forces
  • Air defense, anti-aircraft weaponry and systems
  • Air Department, part of the British Admiralty
  • AD, the United States Navy hull classification symbol for "destroyer tender", a type of support ship designed to aid the operation of destroyers



People nicknamed "AD" or "A.D." include:

"Ad" can also refer to:

  • ‘Ad, great-grandson of Shem, son of Noah
  • ʿĀd, ancient Arab tribe, mentioned in Quran


  • Andorra, by ISO 3166-1 country code




  • .ad, the top level domain for Andorra
  • Active Directory, a component of Microsoft Windows that provides distributed user management and authentication
  • Active Disassembly, a technology supporting the cost-effective deconstruction of complex materials
  • Administrative domain, a collection of hosts and routers into one network
  • Analog-to-digital converter, a circuit which converts continuous analog signals to discrete digital values
  • Audio description, a narration track for blind and visually impaired viewers of media such as TV and film
  • Automatic differentiation, a way to speedily compute derivatives in computer programming
  • AD16, hexadecimal number, equal to decimal number 173


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