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AEC Daily is a developer of online education courses for the construction sector. It is an e-learning provider for architects, engineers, and other construction professionals and serves over 450 companies.[1] AEC Daily Inc. is based in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada and AEC Daily Corporation is based in Buffalo, New York USA.


AEC Daily was founded by Jeff Rice and Stephane Deschenes in 2001. They are still the owners of the company.

Continuing Education[edit]

Online education courses are the main field of AEC Daily. They provide over 300 courses with a focus on sustainable design. Most courses are free while there is a submission fee for courses like the virtual tour of the USGBC headquarters.

Building Products/Services[edit]

The Building Products/Services directory is administrated by AEC Daily and comprises several thousand companies. It is subdivided into the main categories Software, Hardware, Support Services, Firms and Associations. With this directory, customers are able to find the building products/services they are looking for.

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