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European Students’ Forum

Founded Yerevan, Armenia 2010
Type Student Network
Headoffice Yerevan, Armenia
Membership 85
President Sona Yeghiazaryan
Secretary Karine Galstyan
Treasurer Anna Sargsyan
Staff 7 (Local Board)

AEGEE (Association des États Généraux des Étudiants de l'Europe) is one of the largest student organizations in Europe. The organization was founded in Paris in 1985 with headquarters in Brussels, capital of the Kingdom of Belgium. Now, AEGEE has branches in 240 cities in 42 countries. The ideology of AEGEE is the creation of a united Europe without borders. Encouraging mobility and international cooperation, AEGEE’s task is to bypass national boundaries, cultural and ethnic groups. During its 25 years of history, AEGEE has acquired an advisory role within the Council of Europe, the United Nations, of UNESCO and become a full member of European Youth Forum.[1]

Founded in 2010[2][3][4][5] AEGEE-Yerevan (Armenian: AEGEE-Երևան) has 70 active members, who have different views and professions. Members participate in various international and local projects and also organize local, regional and European events. The main objective of the foundation of AEGEE-Yerevan is to activate the role of Armenia among the European youth, inform young Armenian educational and non-formal projects and give them the opportunity to get to know different cultures, and to observe the best in Europe and apply it in Armenia.[6]

The Objective[edit]

Promote the European ideals, democracy, the protection of human rights, the tolerance, the cross-border cooperation, motivation and the European integration.


Since its foundation, AEGEE-Yerevan has had working groups, which have become committees after structural changes. Now, working groups will be created in the organization of events to control the related work. The heads of the committees are members of the local council who are elected for a term of one year. There are four standing committees in the AEGEE-Yerevan with the whole organization governed by the local council which is composed of:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Heads of Committees
The President 
The President organizes and conducts meetings of the Local Council. He / she coordinates the activities under the organization and controls the work of all members of the Local Council.
The Secretary 
The secretary controls the registration of members, informs regularly the members of the organization about activities and local council meetings by electronic means, and he / she forms the minutes of meetings of the Local Council and local agora.
The Treasurer 
The treasurer is responsible for financial management. He / she composes financial reports regularly and informs the local council about the work done.


External Relations Committee[edit]

Head: Armine Muradyan
The duty of the commission is to ensure communication with international partners, to provide members of the organization with information on various projects and events taking place in the world. Members of the commission establish business relationships with other AEGEE antennas and are responsible for all international projects of the organization. They do everything to expand and strengthen the cooperation. The Committee is also responsible for the study of a grant program of the European Commission "Youth in Action" and the participation of the latter.

Public Relations Committee[edit]

Head: Haykuhi Tangyan
The obligations of the Commission are to inform the media about the events of AEGEE-Yerevan, to take care of updating the website and blog, to spread the news of the organization through social networks and to conduct negotiations with potential sponsors and, finally, to inform the public about the organization and its activities.

Human Resources Committee[edit]

Head: Adrine Aghabekyan
The general obligation of the commission is to strengthen and develop human resources of AEGEE-Yerevan. This commission ensures the personal development of members through various courses and seminars. In addition, the committee helps members find their place in the organization.

Local Activities Committee[edit]

Head: Anushik Proshyan
The commission is responsible for missions, objectives and the development of strategies of the organization, collecting ideas and suggestions for events, organizing and controlling them. This committee provides an opportunity for members and non members to participate in AEGEE intercultural and socialevents, seminars, courses of study, conferences and information days. It also helps the sub-committees to carry out their projects.


Anyone aged between 18 and 35 can become a member of AEGEE Yerevan, regardless of education and occupation. AEGEE creates great opportunities for its members, such as gaining work experience, participating in various events, obtaining additional knowledge. In order to become a member simply fill out a form on the Internet, following which Human Resources Committee will provide a candidate with further information.

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