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AERCO International, Inc.
Type Corporation
Industry HVAC/Plumbing
Founded 1959
Founders Henry W. Angelery
Headquarters 159 Paris Avenue
Northvale, New Jersey, 07647
Products Commercial supplier of Boilers and Water Heating Equipment
Employees Approximately 150

AERCO International is a supplier of commercial boilers and water heating equipment in the HVAC/plumbing industry. The company develops rapid water heating products and a product line that they claim achieves 99% efficiency.[1][2]


The company’s headquarters is in Blauvelt, New York], about twenty-five miles (40 km) north of New York City. AERCO currently employs 160 people.

Company history[edit]

Henry Angelery founded AERCO in 1949 with the purpose of delivering on-demand temperature controlled water heating without storage.

In 1949, AERCO introduced a design for an indirect-fired water heater which has become the industry standard for today's water heaters.[3][4] This design allows the water to be heated on demand at a controlled temperature without storage.

In 1988, AERCO became the first U.S. manufacturer to offer a fully modulating and condensing commercial gas fired water heaters.[5] This design coordinates the boiler's output to current demand, aiming to ensure that the boiler does not draw more than the necessary amount of fuel. After its release, AERCO promptly extended this design into the hydronic boiler marketplace.

Artist rendering of new AERCO International site located in Blauvelt, New York.

Market distribution[edit]

AERCO products have been installed in over 1,300 K-12 schools and universities, 1,000 hospitals and medical centers, 600 apartment buildings and hotels, 400 office buildings and 150 correctional institutions.

AERCO's products can be found in local, state, and federal government buildings, including every branch of the U.S. military such as the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, National Guard, Reserves and Veteran's facilities. Some well known locations where AERCO products are present include the University of Vermont, some venues at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics, Jay Peak Resort in Vermont, the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada and Harley Davidson's headquarters in Wisconsin.


in 2004 AERCO received Frost & Sullivan's Best Practices Award for Technology Leadership in the field of high-efficiency heating in the 10-200 boiler horsepower (BHP) market space.[6]


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