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AF (or variants) may refer to:

Businesses, organizations, and projects[edit]

Health, technology, and science[edit]



Railway Station[edit]

Other fiction[edit]

  • Af, one of the Angels of Punishment, mythical character outlined in Gustav Davidson's 1994 book A Dictionary of Angels, Including the Fallen Angels
  • AF (action figures) or the Action Force, part of the European version of the G.I. Joe toy and comicbook universe



  • attofarad, an SI unit of electric capacitance


  • acre-feet, the quantity of water that covers one acre to a depth of one foot; equal to 43,560 cubic feet or 325,851 gallons
  • ISO 639-1 language code af: Afrikaans language


  • .af, the ccTLD (Country code top-level domain) for Afghanistan

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