AFC U-22 Championship

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AFC U-22 Championship
Founded 2011
Region Asia (AFC)
Number of teams 16
Current champions  Iraq (1st title)
Most successful team(s)  Iraq (1 title)
2013 AFC U-22 Championship

The AFC U-22 Championship (also known as the AFC U-22 Asian Cup[1]) is an international football tournament held by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). The first edition was initially set to be held in 2013 and its qualification matches in 2012, but the finals tournament was postponed to be played in January 2014 due to the 2013 EAFF East Asian Cup.[2][3]

The tournament is planned to be held every two years. The 2015 tournament will double as the 2016 Olympic qualifiers, where the top 3 teams will qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics.[2] The 2015 edition is scheduled to take place from 9–21 February 2015.[4]


The overview of the competition format in the 2013 tournament is as follows:[5]

  • Sixteen teams will compete in the final tournament, including the hosts which will be automatically qualified.
  • Teams are seeded by the result of 2010 AFC U-19 Championship.
  • The tournament will be held in 16 days.
  • Three or four stadiums in at most two cities will be needed to host the tournament.

The host country will be rotated by regions: the region for the first tournament will be decided by draw.[5]

In addition, players participated in a higher age group competition (this tournament and/or AFC U-19 Championship) are to be ineligible for participating in AFC U-16 Championship.[5]


Year Host Final Third place match
Champion Score Runner-up Third Place Score Fourth place

Saudi Arabia

on penalties

South Korea

Successful national teams[edit]

Team Champions Runners-up Third-place Fourth-place
 Iraq 1 (2013) - - -
 Saudi Arabia - 1 (2013) - -
 Jordan - - 1 (2013) -
 South Korea - - - 1 (2013)

Participating Countries[edit]

Teams Oman
 Australia QF
 China PR GS
 Iraq 1st
 Iran GS
 Japan QF
 Jordan 3rd
 Kuwait GS
 Myanmar GS
 North Korea GS
 Oman GS
 Saudi Arabia 2nd
 South Korea 4th
 Syria QF
 United Arab Emirates QF
 Uzbekistan GS
 Yemen GS
Total 16

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