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AFDESI (Association for the Development of Enhanced TV Services and Interactivity) is a professional body which represents the interests of companies active in the interactive television industry. The pan-European initiative is intended to create strong, independent professional associations in each territory that can act together, collaboratively when necessary, to provide a clear voice for the interactive television industry within the EU and internationally.

AFDESI's objective is to stimulate growth of the interactive TV sector by gathering and disseminating information and enabling knowledge sharing. The association facilitates knowledge exchange through conferences, seminars, press meetings and events such as the International iTV Awards. It also encompasses representation with public agencies, identifying EU grants and funds intended for production, and putting across an agreed industry position to regulators and legislative authorities.

AFDESI defines Interactive Television in the broadest way, to embrace every kind of interaction with television content or services via a remote control, mobile or fixed telephone, or via the internet. A cornerstone belief is that interactive television should be promoted independently of its medium of broadcast, embracing satellite, cable, terrestrial broadcast, ADSL, broadband Internet, IPTV platforms, dedicated media players and new and emerging iTV technologies.

AFDESI is chaired by Philippe Alcaras.

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