Aruncător de grenade 40 mm

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Aruncător de grenade 40 mm (AG-40)
PA md.86 with AG-40 grenade launcher.jpg
The AG-40 mounted on a PA md. 86
Type Grenade launcher
Place of origin  Romania
Service history
Used by Romania
Wars Peacekeeping missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Length 400 mm
Barrel length 300 mm

Cartridge 40x47mm
Action Break action
Effective firing range 400 m
Feed system Breech-loaded, single-shot
Sights Notched short range quadrant sight, graduated folding leaf sight

The Aruncător de grenade 40 mm (AG-40) is a rifle mounted 40mm grenade launcher. It is mounted as a lower handguard for a Kalashnikov pattern rifle. The AG-40 is currently used on the 5.45mm PA md. 86 standard assault rifle, in Romanian service. It replaced the older GP-25 Soviet pattern grenade launcher.

Technical data[edit]

Romanian Military Police soldier with an AL-38 grenade launcher.

The AG-40 grenade launcher is manufactured by ROMARM SA and has the following technical specifications:[1]

Model AG-40P AG-40PN AL-38
Caliber 40 mm 38 mm
Cartridge 40 x 47 mm 40 x 46 mm -
Operation single shot
Feed breech loading, sliding barrel breech loading
Sight fore, post; rear, aperture
calibrated from 50–450 m
fore, post;
rear, U-notch
Muzzle velocity 80 m/s 74 m/s -
Minimum range 50 m -
Barrel 16 grooves rh,
1 turn in 1,200 m
6 grooves rh,
1 turn in 1,200 m
Weapon length 400 mm 700 mm
Barrel length 300 mm 350 mm
Line of sight 125 mm 320 mm
Weight 1.300 kg 2.400 kg


  •  Romania: Used by Infantry, Mountain Hunters, and Combat Divers.
  •  Georgia: Locally produced.[2]


  • AG-40P - basic model (40x47 mm cartridge)
  • AG-40PN - uses the 40x46 mm NATO cartridge[3]
  • AL-38 - anti-riot launcher version (38 mm caliber)


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